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Types of Bonus Hunting in Online Casinos

Online casino bonus hunters are not necessarily scammers. They have often experienced players who skillfully use all the opportunities provided by online gambling hubs. Thus, they can claim juicy bonuses, ask for premium-class rewards, and raise their gambling level with ease. All this may lead to their bankroll raise and will definitely worry a gambling establishment.

With this in mind, it is no wonder that the administration of top online casinos with the best pokies does not welcome such activity. Therefore, they introduce restrictions and additional checks. For example, the conditions of wagering are attached to every bonus offer to exclude the possibility of withdrawing the bonus by doing a minimum of actions. In this review, we will talk about what types of bonus hunting are and how they are performed.

Types of Bonus Hunting

As practice shows, bonus hunters usually choose slot machines to cash out bonus credits with ease. Thus, they can quickly perform all the necessary operations using a given number of spins. Experienced bonus hunters use the following methods:

  • Mathematical analysis – Mathematics is an important component of gambling, and the application of the laws of mathematical analysis often allows you to calculate the optimal strategy for playing a particular slot. In conditions when the task of a bonus hunter is to play a certain number of games and not lose extra money, the mathematical approach is extremely efficient;
  • Social engineering – The method involves clearly fraudulent actions, the use of fictitious or someone else’s personal data when registering on the site. It is persecuted not only by the rules of online casinos but also by the current legislation. However, it still finds application on sites with high stakes, tempting bonuses, and a weak player verification system;
  • Referral programs – Such programs in online casinos work in the same way as in other areas. To receive a bonus, you need another player to register on the site using the referral invitation. In an effort to close the loopholes for unscrupulous participants, online casinos often introduce certain restrictions. For example, to receive a bonus, it is necessary for the referral to make a deposit or spend a certain amount.

Bonus Hunting Approaches

Today, it is easy to find a lot of data on this topic that can be used to generate additional income from online casinos. The main sources of information are:

  • Forums – as a rule, people share their experience and feedback on different casinos, their bonus policies, and conditions for a winning game;
  • Paid materials – you can also pay for getting “really working methods” and “secrets of casino cheating;”
  • Personal experience – it is perhaps the most reliable source of information on bonus hunting techniques. Experienced players are familiar with many subtleties and nuances of online gaming resources, loyalty programs, and bonus offers firsthand. From your own experience, you will be able to study what the volatility and “return” of a particular slot machine is in practice and whether it makes sense to use it, for example, for wagering.

Do it the right way! Although bonus hunting is rather a promising way of getting money at online casinos, it is not the best idea to give it a try. It is way better not to cheat a gambling establishment and try your efforts at winning a jackpot in a fair game.

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