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Top of The Most Famous People Who Had A Gambling Addiction

Top of The Most Famous People Who Had A Gambling Addiction

Celebrities have a lot of money to spend so it won’t come as a surprise that some of them have taken up gambling as a vice. Here are some famous faces that enjoy playing the stakes.

Gambling is a pastime that a lot of people partake in, including celebrities. It is no news that celebrities are loaded and they are not scared to burn their money on different plush and sometimes unnecessary things. While some of them enjoy buying luxury houses and luxury cars, some of them enjoy having a safe play in the casino (not safe most times, anyway.)

When a celebrity that has a lot of money to burn finds himself or herself in a casino, it won’t come as a shock if he/she starts playing the stakes.

Now with numerous online casinos on the internet, gambling amongst famous people is at an all-time high. It’s even more so now that most online casinos are not id verification casinos which means that these celebrities can play the stakes anytime in the best online casino no verification withdrawal needed. If you have been curious about which famous person has a dangerous addiction to the casino, you can read further to find out. Who knows, the last star you expect to might also be on the list of people who can never pass up the opportunity to play the slots.

 Ben Affleck

When you talk about famous gamblers, the list would be considered incomplete if you don’t include Ben Affleck. The popular actor has admitted to having a soft spot for poker and he is not scared to go all out.

One time, the award-winning actor was involved in a private

Tinseltown poker game and lost a whopping $400,000 poker hand to the president of the Universal Studio. Another time, Ben staked $60,000 on a Blackjack hand, but somehow managed to win $800,000. His addiction has gotten so bad that he checked himself into rehab to deal with his gambling problem sometime in 2001.

Charlie Sheen

Famous for his award-winning role and acting as Charlie Harper in Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen is something of a legendary bad boy in Hollywood. Charli’s gambling habit had been speculated for a long time, but it came fully into light sometime in 2006.

In 2006, his second wife Denise Richards opened up during the divorce process that Charlie was spending close to $200,000 in gambling on a weekly basis. Just like his character in Two and a Half Men, Sheen was seriously addicted to sports betting as well as alcohol and drugs. But regardless of his vices, Sheen has an engaging personality and it is almost impossible not to love him.

Tiger Woods

Known as one of the best golf players in the world, Tiger Woods is a man with a couple of vices and gambling happens to be one of his major vices.

In fact, Woods happens to be a high roller player in a club called the Mansion; a club at the MGM Grand located in Las Vegas. In the club, he was allotted a betting limit of $1 million and he is known to bet $25,000 per hand while playing Blackjack.

His addiction became known amongst casinos so much that most casinos made hot, beautiful party girls available whenever Woods was playing because he always requested that his table be filled with them.

Michael Phelps

Aside from collecting rewards for being a top-tier Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps also deserves gambling rewards because he is that addicted. So much so that his close friends are pretty concerned about him. The great swimmer has no problem losing a few million in a game of blackjack and his competitive nature makes it worse.

It’s a good thing that he has a bubbling career because very few people can afford to take such heavy financial risks.

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson is one man that has real money issues. This is a once-successful NBA champ that has thrown away all his earnings to gambling and we are talking over $200 million. Right now, Allen is broke and in debt. His addiction was so terrible that some casinos already knew him as a nuisance because he used to get into confrontations and brawls with the staff.


Sure, it is quite fun to gamble and play the slots, but it is pretty shocking how many famous faces are addicted to gambling. Some have been able to curb the habit, but the rest are still betting away. Don’t be surprised that even your favorite might have a gambling addiction too, who knows?


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