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Top 6 Universities in Texas That Students from All Over the World Want to Enter.

Texas is home to about 170 universities and colleges catering to the needs of over 1.5 million students, with most of the best universities located in Houston, Dallas, El Paso, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi. Students love studying in Texas due to its rich culture, employability ratings, and the many high-quality universities located here. Regardless of whether you are looking to join a public, private, or community college, the state offers you a wide variety of options. This article will discuss some of the best universities students desire to join in Texas.

Top Universities in Texas

1. Rice University

This University is a private institution founded in 1912 and enrolls an average of 4,500 students annually. The University is located in an urban setting with a campus size of about 300 acres. The University utilizes the semester-based academic calendar, and it has tuition fees of about $52,000 per academic year. Located at the heart of the Houston district, the University offers a vibrant student life. All students are assigned to a residential college on enrollment, which they remain a part of even if they decide to move off-campus. The University is active in sports with a strong athletics and baseball program. In terms of academics, the University has some of the best facilities in Social sciences, Humanities, Business, and Engineering. The close-knit community here is a recipe for building life-long friendships and connections.

2. University of Texas

This is one of the oldest public institutions in Texas and was founded in 1883. It has an urban setting and has an enormous campus size of about 437 acres. The University also utilizes a semester calendar, and it boasted of over 40,000 admissions in fall 2020. The university fees are approximately $40000 per annum. This University is one of the biggest in the nation, and it is divided into 13 colleges and schools. The University of Texas offers many study-abroad programs to popular destinations like the UK, China, and France. There are several media outlets in the school and competitive sports clubs and organizations. Some of its best programs are in Business, Medicine, and Engineering.

3. Southern Methodist University

The Methodist church started the Southern Methodist University as a private university in 1911. The University had around 7000 admissions in fall 2020, and it has a semester-based calendar. It is located in Dallas on a 234-acre piece of land. Despite the University’s name, its education system is nonsectarian, and it is home to many students of different religious affiliations. There are many activities here in Dallas, as the city has about 232 days of sunshine annually. There are many parks to visit at this University, and there are also fun activities like the Dallas Film Festival. This University is home to the George W. Bush presidential center, and it frequently hosts a lot of speakers. This University offers many courses such as business, anthropology, and medicine. Their unique learning programs attract students from around the world. The school also has notable alumni and research centers. If you need professional help with your essays for university admission, you can  hire essay writers from CustomWritings  to get your papers written from scratch.

4. Texas A&M University

This is a public institution that was set up in 1876. It is enormous and enrolls about 55000 students annually. The University sits on a 5,200-acre piece of land. As with most universities in the United States, this University utilizes a semester-based calendar. The in-state university tuition is about $13,000, and the out-of-state is about $40000. This University was once an all men’s university known as the Agricultural and Mechanical College, and this is what is now shortened to be A&M today. There are many activities in the University, with more than 1,000 clubs and organizations one can join. The University also has one of the most extensive sports programs in the country. Students interested in community programs also have a large variety of activities they can take part in. The University has a wide variety of courses, such as Engineering, Human resource, Education, and Business. The University also has a campus in Qatar. Dozens of notable alumni graduated from this prestigious institution. If you need academic writing help for your essays in University, you can hire our professional essay experts to help you out.

5. Baylor University

This is a private institution that was set up in 1845. The average annual undergraduate enrollment is 14,400. The University is in a city setting and lies on about a 1000 acre piece of land. The student community here is primarily bound by religion and service, as the University started as a Baptist institution. The student body is very active in volunteerism, with a lot of time devoted to service projects in the local community. There are more than 300 student organizations where students can participate, and the school is also big on sporting activities. The University is active in research with many research initiatives. The University also has a small staff of writers working on different projects. The school has many notable graduates, such as Mark Hurd, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

6. Texas Christian University

This is a private university founded in 1873. It is in a suburban setting with a large undergraduate enrollment of about 10,000 students per year. It is one of the most prominent Christian universities, but it is open to students of any faith. There are over 20 religious organizations for students to join. The University has a strong sports fraternity. It also has a lot of community involvement activities. It also has many associations with foreign universities and offers students many study abroad programs. There are many notable alumni like Bob Schieffer and Rod Robby.

As you can see from this article, Texas is rich in higher education and has many universities to choose from. Texas has a high population, and it is possible to experience a vibrant culture from studying there. The state continues to play a crucial role in educational development.

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