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Top 20 intersting adult halloween party games

Halloween is not just about buying a lot of candy, so the trick-or-treating kids can take them. It’s also not just about posting your cool makeups to Instagram, although that is indeed an important part. No, Halloween is something truly special. It’s one of the rare days when adult people are totally allowed to have as much fun as they want.

This collection of themed Halloween games is well suitable for adults. And it also is fun. Some Halloween games for adults require you and your friends to be at the same place, but some would also work on a COVID-restricted Zoom call. Something for everybody is the motto! Check out these halloween party ideas for adults, and a great night of laughs and scares awaits!

20. Apple Bobbing, the Adult Version

We all know and love the classic halloween party games that gave us so many sweet childhood memories. But that one is for kids. To make an adult version, replace the water with white sangria or apple cider!

And if you try hard enough, you may even play the game while social distancing. Although it’s harder to set up. In that case, every player would need to prepare his very own bucket o’ apples.

19. Candy Guess

This one is simple but fun and surely keeps everyone engaged to test their skills. Here’s what to do:

Take a big jar. The bigger the better!

  1. Fill it with candy corn, M&M’s, or any other small candy. Counting candies may not be the funniest party moment, so it’ll help if you count them in advance. It’s time-consuming but well worth it!
  2. Tell contestants to take steps trying to guess how many candies are inside.
  3. The contestant who made the closest guess takes the jar! Or maybe he gets a Halloween-themed prize. It’s up to your imagination!

18. Chilly Charades

Everything becomes better if it’s Halloween-related. Even charades do, especially if prepared with a bit of creativity. You may find these chilly charades online or come up with your own ones, writing them down on small paper pieces. The themes can range from horror movies to Halloween activities.

The Halloween game works best with 2 teams. It can also be held on a Zoom call, but only if your friends are trusty enough not to use text chat to spoil the charade.

17. Costume Showoff Contest

Costumes are one thing that distinguishes a Halloween party from any other party. They are extremely specific — and scary! Albeit not a Halloween game, the costume contest is big fun that will certainly keep everyone engaged. Especially if these costumes are DIY, lovingly crafted with their proud wearers’ own hands. Plus, this one can also be held in Zoom.

16. Halloween-stylized Operation game

The classic game of Operation is fun, but it’s also kid-oriented. Meanwhile, Halloween party games for adults like this are fun for adults, too. It can be bought in the developer Usaopoly’s web store. For a fair price of $29.99, that is!

This game is based on Tim Burton’s famous animated film, Nightmare Before Christmas. Having seen that as kids, your friends will be thrilled to see the themed board Halloween game at your party!

15. Hanging Doughnuts

This game is not just fun, it’s hysterical. It may look silly while being set up, but don’t let that feeling fool you — having had some alcoholic drinks during the party, your friends will laugh their bellies off. And it works on a Zoom call, too!

All you need to do is to get some tasty doughnuts and hang it from the ceiling using strings. Several contestants would need to eat the doughnuts simultaneously. The fastest one wins! Obviously, no hands are allowed for the sake of fun and challenge.

14. Horror Film Trivia

For the fans of horror cinema, this one is going to be super fun. The range of questions is enormous. Starting from silent film classics and all the way to modern blockbusters — the horror cinema world is huge. And you don’t even need to create the quiz yourself: there are dozens of ready-to-go trivia you can download and print down.

It also works perfectly on a group video call. Tell your friends to dress properly (and by properly we mean pajamas), to get some popcorn, and send them a trivia list.

13. Mad Laboratory

For this Halloween party game, you’ll need several boxes filled with “spooky” food. Peeled fruits, cooked spaghetti, and cold sausages would do. Touching these things without knowing what it is will certainly produce a lot of chills.

For a FaceTime version, the rules should be changed. Tell your friends to come up with a spooky and disturbing-looking piece of food. Others are going to have a hard time guessing its ingredients!

12. Murder Mystery

Fun Halloween games like Mafia are always very exciting. Setting it up is not that easy, but the result is totally worth it.

Before the party, send your guests their character roles (a murderer, a witness, a detective, a local county sheriff, etc.). Ask everyone not to spoil their role. Bonus points if a murderer is someone who you trust enough to be witty and hard to guess.

During the game, players would ask each other questions trying to determine who the murderer is. That’s how this Halloween Mafia works. Because of the game’s specificity, it may also be held on FaceTime to great success.

11. Pumpkin Filling

The following items are required for such Halloween adult games:

  • a cards deck;
  • a lot of beverages;
  • the plastic pumpkin (or any other bucket-type container);
  • some creativity.

Now, you’ll need to write a set of rules. Each different card should resemble a different rule. For example, drawing a “king” forces a player to drink, and a “queen” lets them force someone else to drink. All rules are optional but one. One card should resemble a rule to pour a portion of a drink down the plastic pumpkin.

And for the most fun part. When someone draws the ace, he must drink from the pumpkin! As you can see, this game works best while mixing very different drinks.

10. Pumpkin Golf

Ever played Halloween golf? Sure you didn’t! And if you’d like to fix this unfortunate omission, here’s what to do:

  1. Borrow a golf set — some of your friends sure as well have one.
  2. Craft several Halloween golf flags. Contrary to the regular ones, these may be all black and spooky, glowing in orange, decorated with a fake web, etc.
  3. Carve holes out of pumpkins and place it all over your yard.
  4. Enjoy the spooky golf!

If you want something special, you may also make yourself a Phil Mickelson mask so your friends know you’re not messing around. While it’s probably not possible to host an entire party around this improvised golf course, it’s an amazing way to have a proper hour or two of very special Halloween fun.

9. Piñata

A piñata is a Mexican tradition of making a bright hollow toy that hangs from the ceiling. Well, it’s not essentially hollow. Being usually made from clay, paper maché, etc., it’s filled with candy and other treats.

While piñata is hanging on a rope, blindfolded contestants try to break it with a stick. Someone may also pull the rope’s end. That would make a toy move to spice the game up.

Traditional piñatas are colorful and star-shaped. Non-traditional ones often resemble animals, cartoon heroes, famous people, etc. Now it’s up to your creativity to make a Halloween-themed one!

8. Slots with a Halloween theme

This is not the most popular type of Halloween activities for adults. But for sure adults will like these games. All you need to do is choose from free slots online with a Halloween theme and play them. Whoever wins the jackpot first is the winner.

7. Spooky Bingo

This Halloween game is simple to set up but exciting. There are a lot of free Halloween bingos around the Internet. All you need to do is to print it down. The first who yells “bingo” is congratulated with a very special drink!

The bingo may also be held while social distancing. But in that case, the winner’s prize may be virtual (a gift card, for example).

6. Spooky Jinx

This game is super easy to set up. All you need is to come up with a list of Halloween-themed words (“Halloween” itself, “autumn”, “scary”, “trick-or-treat”, “costume”, etc.). The more words, the better! At the start of the party, show your guests a list and tell them these words are banned for the night.

Every time someone says the banned word, others who heard it should say, “Jinx!”. Or probably yell it out loud. Then, a person who has just used the prohibited word is forced to have a drink. During the night and with the ever-increasing number of drinks had by every guest, the Halloween adult game becomes much harder and funnier.

5. Spooky Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is instant fun for all ages. All you need to do is to hide a list of Halloween-themed items around your house and yard. Give your guests a list of items they must find. The fastest player wins! And if you have a huge party, a scavenger hunt may become a team game instead of an individual contest.

It’s also easy to hold during a group video chat. You just need to make a list of things everyone 100% has in their house. Then, players are going to find and show the items on camera.

4. Treasure Hunt, a Halloween One

To set this game up, you’ll need to:

  1. Hide a Halloween treasure somewhere around your venue. Make sure it’s well hidden, though!
  2. Make the players form several teams. It works best with the teams being rather small, from 2 to 4 players each.
  3. Give every team a clue that would make them closer to a treasure’s location. With a bit of creativity, you can make the clues in a riddle form for your Halloween game.

Now it’s all set up! Bonus points if you’ve scattered a dozen of tricks and treats that would distract your treasure hunters.

3. Trick-or-Treat

Now, we will not go trick-or-treating around the city, taking the candy from the kids. This game is held in your very house. Here’s what to do:

  1. Grab a dozen of small drink bottles and fill them with a variety of drinks — some alcoholic, some not. Wrapping them in the paper helps, too. This way your guest won’t be able to tell which drink is inside based on its color.
  2. You may place these bottles on the table or scatter them around the house, giving the halloween adult game a bit of a scavenger hunt twist.
  3. Guests can drink from any bottle they find.

The rules are simple. “Treats” in this adult Halloween game are alcoholic drinks, while “tricks” are just bottles of water or fruit juice. You may also try to set this game up while social distancing, sending some instructions to your friends.

2. Truth Potions

This is one of the most popular games among halloween party ideas for adults. This party game is a stylized adult version of the classic Truth or Dare:

  1. Prepare a lot of beverages.
  2. Attach the small papers with cheeky questions or dares to every bottle and jar.
  3. Tell your guests they are forced to do what the paper says after they’ve had a drink. Truth or dare!

While being on a FaceTime call, this Halloween game may be just as fun. Here, everyone needs to prepare several drinks for themselves, and truths or dares are on your behalf.

1. Villain Guesser

This Halloween adult game is cool in 2 ways. Not only it is extremely fun, but it also is a great way to make strangers talk to each other. Something you need to do:

  1. While greeting an arrived guest, attach a paper with a horror film villain’s name to his back.
  2. Urge your guests not to spoil the names.

From now on, your guests are going to wander around and ask everybody questions, trying to guess which villain they are. Whoever guesses the fastest takes the prize.


Halloween is a holiday with enormous potential to be fun for everyone. Trying to make it exciting for our kids, we often forget about ourselves. So here’s the thing. If you’re going to host a Halloween party, make sure adults can have fun too. A huge roster of themed party halloween activities for adults will help you do.


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