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To the top or slide down?- Future of gambling

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Gambling has been present among humanity for millennia already and it had its ups and downs in history. Where are we right now in this business? Are we going up to the top to see an even greater future for gambling or have we already been on the peak and now we are standing on the edge to slide down and there is nothing more to see here?

Let us see what are the possibilities for gambling


Traditional payment methods will continue to be accepted by the largest gambling sites, but cryptocurrencies are gradually replacing them since many people prefer to be anonymous and untraceable, especially when dealing with something as sensitive as gambling. Online platforms  are already accepting crypto for payment and  many individuals appreciate and prefer these transactions for their deposits, withdrawals, and gaming.

The future for the gambling industry will involve cryptocurrency. Due to regulations that vary by state and often by country, using crypto to gamble allows users to remain anonymous. Not only that, but it allows people anywhere in the world to use online casinos without the risk of being punished or taxed by their governments. The decentralized nature of a blockchain enables people that enjoy gambling professionally or casually to remain anonymous.

Running a gambling website on a blockchain also is much more secure and makes hacking virtually impossible. Gambling websites and casinos are often targeted by hackers to either steal financial data or simply cheat the system in order to win more coins. On a blockchain, every transaction and movement is permanently recorded and indestructible, as it resides over millions of nodes scattered across the globe. This alone should deter most intruders and make online gambling much safer experiences for both pros and casual gamblers.

Experts would say the adoption of cryptocurrency will be seen in real brick-and-mortar casinos as well since they can also benefit from the extra layer of security and fraud prevention offered by cryptocurrency.

Interactive slots

I-Slot has been dispersed through multiple online casinos that give the avid players a different and new take on the classic slot game. It may mean having the same experience of a slot machine in a casino, but even better in the comfort of your own home.

I-Slots are brand new slots that have been engineered specifically for the usage of online casinos. These are quickly becoming one of the most popular slots for slot games. There are many Jackpot slots available in online casinos.

To the top or slide down?- Future of gambling

Online casino games in virtual reality

There is a group of individuals who are working on creating their own online casinos. These new online casinos will combine traditional gambling, like blackjack and poker, with various elements found in popular video games. For example, the game of roulette may be moved into an imaginary world where people will play roulette with dragons or robots instead of just betting on what number the ball will land on..

In essence, these new online casinos are less about betting and more about playing a variety of games in one casino experience. It’s an interesting idea that might help draw in a younger audience. However, despite the fact that people have been predicting this for years, there is still no indication that it will actually happen. That doesn’t mean that it won’t happen, though.

Almost fully online

The future of gambling and other gambling-related matters seems to be 100% online gambling. Some experts honestly believe that all of the offline casinos are going to become a very VIP kind of place to go. Imagine, the offline casinos might be a VIP thing, and for those who want to experience it, there will be a VR casino, where you can just put on the equipment and walk around the casino.

Legalisation in future

Many states in the United States keep gambling illegal, but it is about to change. Gambling will be legalized in every US state where there is at least one substantial population centre near the border of an adjacent state that has legalized gambling. This way it’s more convenient for residents of said states to gamble there without having to travel quite as far.

Moreover, according to some experts gambling will be legalized for recreational purposes in states that have already legalized medical marijuana. This way it’s more convenient for people whose doctor prescribes cannabis to them to also be able to gamble while they’re at it. It might not happen in the next few years, but the momentum is definitely there. There may be a few US states where gambling is illegal, but the state governments will find it in their best interest to legalize it anyway for pure economic reasons, because let us say this is profitable business.


As we can see the future seems very bright for gambling, but these are prophecies, ideas and prognosis, and we are yet to see which of these will happen.





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