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Tips for a California Wine-Tasting Weekend You’ll Never Forget.

Wine tasting in California is a fantastic experience nobody would forget. Whether you’re new to wine tastings or you’re a seasoned pro, there are some rules and ideas you should keep in mind!

Dress to Impress

This is a fancy event! Dress up so that you feel fancy and so that you fit in well with the other guests. It makes it feel more classy when you have to spit wine and can put you in a better mood as you go from table to table. There’s something about dressing up that makes us all feel like our value has multiplied by ten.

Avoid Wearing Perfume or Cologne

Although the best part of any good ensemble may be the perfectly picked perfume: you should avoid any aromas during the wine-tasting. A large portion of tasting is smelling, and if you’re wearing too strong of an odor, you might affect your or other guests, experience with the wine. You’re there to enjoy the flavor of the wine, not Chanel No. 5.

Eat Plenty of Food

Although you may want to make your money’s worth with wine, you don’t want to end up silly drunk or reckless because you’re drinking on an empty stomach. Take the time to eat and snack throughout the day so that you’re taken care of and you’ve had enough food to keep you steady and comfortable. 

Remember to Spit: or Swallow Minimally

You’re going to be trying a lot of wine! Although it may feel wasteful to spit the wine every couple of sips, it’s vital that you continuously spit most of the sips of alcohol. Not only will this keep you from getting drunk, but it’ll also make it so you can actually enjoy a glass of wine at the end instead of feeling like you’ve drank six or seven already.

Take Lots of Notes

Taking notes is an awesome way to be respectful of the winemakers and also gives you something to take with you when you look at Oakland houses for sale later. These notes help you realize what you like best in a wine, what flavors stand out to you, and which wines you’re probably better off avoiding. Keep thorough notes, and have fun with it!  

Talk to the Winemakers

Although you don’t want to hold up the line, ask a question or two of the winemakers! Often tasters get too nervous to ask anything, which can leave these professionals feeling like they’re handing out free samples at a supermarket. This is a craft they’ve worked hard to perfect, so let them tell you about the awesome art you’re about to sip!  

Bring Chewing Gum 

Wine can stain teeth like nothing else, and although you may feel tempted to brush your teeth right after drinking wine: this can seriously damage your enamel. Instead, bring chewing gum! This will help remove any residue from your teeth while giving you fresh breath and no damage to your enamel. Save this until the end, and avoid having gum in your mouth when wine tasting.

Wine Tasting is a Fantastic Experience

Whether you’re doing this for the first time, or you’re back for the sixth time and aren’t sure you’ve done it right: take these notes to heart! A great wine tasting can be life-changing!

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