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Throwing a Last Minute Party? Here Are a Few Things to Remember

Party planning can be stressful, but a last-minute party can be an even bigger headache. Although, even if the party is put together at the last minute, if you have the perfect game plan nothing should be able to stop you from having a good time.

Whether it is your first party you are throwing or if you have started a couple it is always nice to have an effective checklist. Moving too fast and thinking about too much can cause you to forget about simple tasks you needed to complete.

Are you tired of going to nightclubs or someone else’s party? Well, it’s time to throw your own where you call the shots and control the vibe. Luckily you stumbled upon this article to help you throw the perfect last-minute party.

 Even though this is last minute there are still some things you need to follow so you can get the best turnout. First and foremost, don’t forget the drinks. You do not want to be typing at a liquor store near me, seconds before the party is supposed to start. If you do, we have an answer for that.

 The next two steps are buying food and making a music playlist. Two vital steps in your party production plans. Lastly, what is the location of the party and how big are you planning it to be? There is a lot to get into so let’s get this party started.

What Are We Drinking? 

When deciding on the drinks for the party you need to know how many people you think are going to come and what type of party it is. For example, clubs normally don’t sell wine at functions, but wine at a dinner party is expected.

 The type of party definitely is one of the key factors in determining the drinks of the night. Or if you are creating a themed party you may have special drinks made to fit the occasion. Halloween is not the only night people dress up to have some fun.

 Is it a costume party, a slumber party, or a Las Vegas-themed party? There are so many options you have and there are drinks to fit every occasion. The question also arises of how you plan on getting these drinks. Going to the store takes a lot of time and can put you back on other things you need to accomplish.

 It is best to have someone deliver them to you. There are apps that can deliver your choice of drinks to your door in 30 minutes. Ordering can be quick and effective and save you loads of time. With hundreds of options to choose from, beers, wine, spirits whatever you need.

If you go online, type in a liquor store near me, determine the right drinks for your party, and have them delivered right to your door.

What About the Food?

 The choice of food may be just as important as the drinks. Food has the power to keep people from leaving early. It also has the power to make people come, depending on the food you plan on providing.

 When throwing certain types of parties people don’t plan on having five-course meals if it’s not a dinner party or backyard barbecue. Simple handheld foods are always the go-to when throwing something together at the last minute.

Since you are just putting things together you do not want to fix things yourself; they need to be ready to eat. So snacks like chips and dip, small sandwiches, and popcorn are great for parties. They are simple and can easily be picked up at the store. The layout doesn’t have to be perfect, just presentable where the guest knows where they are.

Fix Your Playlist

 Every party has to have some music, even cocktail parties have some kind of music playing in the background. It could be a live band or a recording of some jazz music, but parties without music tend to end fast.

 At some point you want your guest to hit the dance floor so the music has to be right and fit the occasion. If you don’t have a playlist ready there are tons of playlists you can download online that can make it easier for you.

 It can be background music or clubbing music to make sure that it fits the vibe of the party. Having a large group of people just standing around can ruin your party before it gets started.

Where Is Your Party Located? 

It is not a good idea to throw a huge party in a small apartment. These parties can often get shut down and ruined because of your neighbors. Noise complaints have ruined countless parties and gatherings.

 If you can’t use a venue for your party try your house or a friend. It depends on the type of party you have in mind. Of course, you can have a small party in your apartment but make sure everyone knows about their surroundings.

 Your party’s location can determine how many people come and how many don’t. You do not want to have a party where too many people show up and it gets shut down because it’s overcrowded.

Where the party is located also determines what kind of drinks you will be able to serve. Many colleges don’t allow alcohol on the premises, if you plan on serving drinks they would have to be non-alcoholic.


At the end of the day, you are trying to impress your guest with a good time but it’s a party and you need to have fun as well. It should be a fun event and once people see other people having a good time, they tend to follow.

Last-minute parties can turn out to be the best because the spontaneous nature of the moment can take over. If you are having fun it will make all the stress of pronouncing the party worth it and encourage you to do it again.

 If you plan on throwing a last-minute party follow these steps to make it a smooth experience. Avoid typing liquor store near me into your phone and order those drinks for the party ahead of time. Make sure the food and music are ready to go before the party as well. Lastly, make sure you have a great location for the event.


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