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The Texan entertainment industry in 2021 – an overview of where we are at

Texas is one of the best states to live in the USA for a number of reasons. Maybe it is the weather, the great food or the friendly locals– who knows? The state is also famous for having some lively cities to visit and some awesome scenery to bask in. With so much to see and experience, it is no wonder Texas has the reputation it does.

Texas is also home to a thriving entertainment industrythat gives locals and visitors plenty to stay busy with. But how is this industry looking in 2021?

 Online casinos still not legal to operate within state borders

 Although the USA has seen great strides made in other states around legalizing online casinos, Texas is still some way behind as 2021 comes to a close. This is a real shame, not only for fans of casino gaming online but also the state itself. While some people may have concerns about legalizing this activity, the huge extra tax revenues and new jobs would certainly be of benefit.

To date, though, it is still illegal to operate an online casino within state borders,or play at an internet casino that is registered within Texas. Of course, as all Texans know, there is a gray area in the law, which many take advantage of. It is not expressly prohibited to play online casino games or play at offshore iGaming platforms – this means many people around the state still enjoy finding offshore iGaming sites with top casino bonusoffers to try.

But will Texas fall in line with other states in the future and relax its stance on casino games in 2022? This looks fairly unlikely, due to the healthy nature of the state budget and the fact there seems little political will for it. Although it is thought over half of Texans would welcome the legalization of online gambling, it might not happen just yet.

Film and TV still vibrant in 2021

 Texas has long been a state with thriving film and TV sectors to rely on. Theseare still going strong in 2021 and look set to enjoy even more success in 2022. There are over 250 production companies around Texas, for example, and this shows how vibrant the industry is. Due to this, the state is still a premier destination for projects as 2021 draws to an end. Recently, this has included movies such as Alita: Battle Angel and A Ghost Story.

But why is Texas still a TV and film hotspot in 2021? The access to experienced and qualified crew helps and there are some great financial incentives from the state for media productions. In addition, the gorgeous scenery and 268,000 square miles of wide open spaces are also a big attraction for many. The diversity of locations – from beaches on the Gulf of Mexico to pine forests in the east of the state – also helps. When you add all this together, it is clear why these sectors arestill a key part of the Texas entertainment industry.

Sports remain a major way for Texans to stay entertained

 Sportshave always played a key role inTexas and this is still the case as 2021 draws to a close. With so many great pro sides in the area, the popularity of sports is no surprise! From the Dallas Cowboys to the Houston Astros, the Houston Texans and more, 2021 has been another big year for sports here.

But how has 2021 been so far for Texas teams? The Houston Texans did not start 21/22 well in AFC South and look to have a lot of work to do if a playoff run is to appear. The Cowboys, though,started much better in the 2021/22 season and look likely to do well this year.

The Astros have enjoyed a great 2021 in MLB and are looking on course to hopefully make a World Series bow soon. In basketball, early 2021 was not great for any of the Texas sides as the previous NBA season came to a close. With the 2021/22 season just started, though, they will be hoping for much better looking ahead.


It is fair to say that music is another very important part of the entire Texas entertainment industry. This remained true throughout 2021 and shows no signs of letting up. Although big events such as the SXSW Music Festival 2021 might not have happened as usual, the flood of new music that came out during the year showed the Texas music scene was still as vibrant as ever.

Official stats from pre-pandemic time show how key music is to the state overall. It is thought, for example, that this sector accounted for around 100,000 jobs in Texas, $4.4bn in earnings and $10.8bn in annual economic activity. While the Covid pandemic might have hit music hard through 2020 and in the early stages of 2021, it is still a major sector for the state as 2021 comes to an end. As Korean pop music makes waves from abroad, being a music fan in the state is still fabulous.

Entertainment in Texas during 2021

As shown here, the Texas entertainment industry is looking rosy as 2021 draws to a close. Although recent events around Covid have impacted some areas like music as the year began, it looks to be as strong as ever as the year progresses. If the political will to make online casino play fully legal comes to pass next year, 2022 could be an even better period for entertainment in Texas.

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