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The Importance of Sleep for Muscle Growth

Doctors and other health professionals are continuously extolling the benefits of getting adequate sleep. It may seem far-fetched, but sleep forms a crucial part of the body’s natural functions, hence its undisputed need. The better and more quality sleep you get each night, your fitness performance and overall health in your waking hours will improve.

One significant benefit that sleep provides when relating it to fitness circles: it boosts muscle recovery and growth. It functions as the body’s primary means of cellular restoration. So when you lie down and get into a deep sleep, your body works throughout the cycle to orchestrate enhanced protein synthesis, tissue growth, muscle repair and hormone release.

How Much Sleep is Enough?

The question of how much sleep an adult needs per night has been bouncing around for years. Additionally, there always seems to be a different answer depending on who you ask and when. However, the most recent consensus from experts is that the average adult requires 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep every night.

These numbers, however, are still only guidelines. The optimum amount of sleep anyone gets is entirely reliant on individual lifestyles. Some people may need more sleep than others and vice versa. Therefore, if you take enhanced physical activity into account, a fitness enthusiast or athlete has to get more sleep than someone who has more sedentary living habits.

In addition to duration, sleep quality is also a significant factor. If your body is to carry out the necessary recovery processes while you rest, you must get high quality sleep at every turn. The better it is, the greater your body’s ability to produce the growth hormones which aid in athletic recovery, muscle repair and growth.

Benefits of Proper Sleep

When you get adequate sleep, it reflects the benefits your body derives from such considerations. Sleep is essential for proper brain function. It enhances your cognitive abilities, including creativity, decision-making, problem-solving skills, memory, learning and concentration. In addition, your sleep cycle acts as the brain’s bath time. So it is when toxic by-product build-ups and other waste get cleared away from the brain and central nervous system.

Concerning physical health and fitness, sleep plays a key role in weight management by suppressing the appetite to account for lower activity levels as you rest. It also boosts speed, muscle strength, coordination, and reaction time. It is why sleep-deprived drivers are often considered more dangerous than drunk ones.

However, studies still show that many Australians are suffering from inadequate sleep despite these benefits and more. Moreover, some report having trouble getting to sleep in the first place.

There are ways to ensure that you are getting the right kind and amount of sleep, starting with a more consistent sleep schedule. In addition, you may also consider increasing your activity levels during the day and avoiding the use of electronic products just before bedtime.

Besides the physical, there are also dietary remedies to help you get the sleep you need. Nutritional supplements like Force Element Performance NIGHT OPS, EHP Labs- OxySleep, ATP Science- Adrenal RX, and Body Science HydroxyBurn Sleep RX have specially created formulae that help you get the most of a decent night’s rest.

Sleep is not a rudimentary part of life. Neither is it just a stop-gap between active periods. Instead, it serves a valuable and undeniable purpose mentally and physically. So as you take up the quest to increase your workout levels for more muscle growth, do not scoff at the benefit of making a good night’s sleep part of your fitness regimen. You will be amazed at the outcomes.


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