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The Biggest Slot Machine Wins Ever Revealed

There is not a single person on this planet that has not dreamt of winning a massive amount of money at least once in their life. Gambling is not a sure thing and most people lose more than they ever win, but some people win everything they could ever want. Even just playing on the slot machine can be fun with all its flashing lights and the fun noises it makes every time you bet.

Have you ever wondered just how common it is for people to win on the slots though? It’smore common than you would think, but still, it’s quite a rare thing to win the major jackpot on any slot machine.Read on to find out about the biggest slot machine wins of all time and who the lucky people were.

UK Soldier Gets Financial Relief

A young soldier in 2015 walked away with almost $20 million at the Betway Casino. He played the progressive jackpot and won the biggest amount ever recorded under those conditions. The soldier had been battling with medical bills and finances since coming home from the war and was lucky enough to pay off all of his debt. He even paid medical bills for his family members and has been living the life of luxury ever since. The winner was playing the Mega Moolah slot machine when his life changed forever with one small bet of 25 cents.

It Only Took $10

This anonymous 49-year-old from Illinois got the best surprise of his life when all he did was bet $10 on the Megabucks slot back in 1999. Playing Megabucks, this player only placed his bet for the fun of it and did not expect what happened next. He still holds the record for the sixth-highest slot machine jackpot in history with over $21 million in total. He was just a simple consultant who went to Caesars Palace to try his luck, and boy did luck have better things in store for him.

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$22,000 Turns into $22 Million

An elderly woman by the name of Johanna Heundl was just enjoying her breakfast buffet when she tried her luck on The Megabucks jackpot. It took Johanna only three $1 spins, when she thought she had hit a massive win of $22,000. Only, Johanna had bad eyesight and once she put her glasses on, she realised she had misread the jackpot. She had won an amazing $22 million just on the off chance she played while eating her food. To make this win even more special, it was on her birthday week that she decided to spoil herself at Bally’s Casino in Los Angeles. This was LA’s third-biggest jackpot win in history, beating the odds of 50 million to one.

Veteran Wins $26 Million

This story of a man who served in the Second World War is incredible. Not just because he won the jackpot, but because he won it twice. Elmer Sherwin won his first $4.6 million at The Mirage in Las Vegas at the age of 76. He had always been an avid slot machine player and his lucky day just struck out of nowhere. He was playing the famous IGT slot game Megabucks and thought that was the end of it. Just as he was enjoying his earnings, 16 years later he won an even bigger jackpot. This time Elmer got a staggering $21 million and became one of the only few people alive to ever win a mega jackpot twice. What’s even more story-worthy is that the elderly veteran donated most of his winnings to various charity organisations.

An Accidental Bet

A woman accidentally bet $300 on the Megabucks slot when she was supposed to only spend $100. Her unfortunate mistake turned out to be the best thing because she won $27.5 million. The player was a retired flight attendant at the time visiting Caesars Palace when her luck turned into the third-largest slot machine jackpot in the world.

Megabucks Strikes Again

A favourite and possibly lucky system to play on, the Megabucks slot was won by Cynthia Jay Brennan. She was 37 at the time, and the win couldn’t have come at a better time. She was tragically injured and subsequently paralysed in a motor vehicle accident just a few weeks after winning $35 million. This is currently only the second-biggest slot machine in history, and Cynthia was lucky on more than one occasion as she got out of the accident alive.

Excalibur Casino

The number one biggest win of all time is the $39.7 million at Excalibur casino in Las Vegas. Another player who wanted to remain anonymous for various reasons only spent $100 to get the win of a lifetime. The software engineer from LA who was only 25 at the time took his lucky winnings to live out the remainder of his life in peace and luxury. The amusing thing about this winner is that he only played the slots while he was waiting to catch a basketball match. Currently, only Cynthia Brennan mentioned earlier has won even close to this amount.

So yes, people do win loads of money playing slots, but it’s not a common occurrence. These winnings are all a few years apart but it shows just how popular slot machines are. They are easy to play, you can bet as little as 25 cents, and your chances of winning even a small fortune are greater than most casino games. It seems like slot machines don’t even take any specific skill to play as most of these winners were just looking to play for the fun of it.

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