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The 5 Best Southern States to Live in in 2022

The south is renowned for its stunning landscapes, tasty food, and of course, glorious sunshine. If you’ve visited a southern state before, you may have enjoyed it so much that you now want to make the move to the south. Before you make any rash decisions, there are several questions you need to ask yourself first. For example, do you want to live in a bustling city, or do you prefer a small, quaint town where everyone knows each other? Do you want to live by the sea, or do you feel more at home on a farm? Would you prefer to live in a house, or does apartment living catch your eye? Whatever floats your boat, here are five of the best southern states to relocate to in 2022.

North Carolina

If there is one southern state that comes out top when it comes to where to relocate, it’s North Carolina. For those after an outdoor lifestyle, plenty of tasty food and drink, and fantastic weather, this state has everything you could possibly want (and then some). If you’re moving to North Carolina for work purposes, you’ll be glad to know that the state is home to an array of busy cities, including Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro. These cities are thriving with job opportunities, and plenty of exciting attractions and landmarks to check out.

While many people enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life, others prefer a more relaxed pace of life. If this sounds like you, know that North Carolina is home to some of the best small towns in the country, including Bath, Hillsborough, Pinehurst, and Boone. Wherever you end up relocating, you’ll need to have done your research first. The EZ Home Search real estate agents are a good place to start. This real estate company has an abundance of homes for sale in North Carolina that will align with your price range. EZ Home Search offers virtual tours of properties too, which you may find more convenient.


There are all sorts of reasons why you should make the move to Tennessee. This southern state boasts low taxes, top-notch hospitals, an incredible music scene, not to forget a thriving job market. Tennessee is also home to world-class dining, and highly regarded schools and universities. If you’re heading to Tennessee for work, you may end up calling cities like Nashville or Memphis your home. These two cities are home to millions of residents from across the country and beyond, meaning you won’t feel out of place.

If you’re after somewhere a little quieter, some of the best small towns in Tennessee to call your new home include Townsend, Lynchburg, Franklin, and Bell Buckle. What’s more, many of the small towns and villages are within commuting distance of the major cities, meaning if you’re moving for work and want the best of both worlds, you can get to and from the office with ease. Also, property prices will be lower the further out of the city you go, which means you can save money and put your hard-earned cash to better use.


There’s no doubt about it, the Texas economy is booming. Whatever industry you work in, there are tons of job opportunities to take advantage of in this southern state. There is also a fantastic sports culture in Texas, meaning you can spend your downtime catching a game of your favorite team. Known for its strong job market, wages, and low cost of living, there are many areas dotted across the state you can set up home in. Also, there’s no income tax to worry about!

While thousands of relocators flock to the big cities like Dallas or Houston, others prefer something more idyllic and peaceful. If this sounds like you, some of the best small towns in Texas include Southside Place, Rollingwood, and Spring Valley Village, each of which boast populations of under 5,000! Texas ranks highly among the quickest-growing states in the United States, so if you like the idea of all the above, as well as temperate weather, it may be time to make the move to this southern state.


Known for its glorious, tropical summers and mild winters, Georgia is an attractive southern state that catches the eye of millions of relocators. This southern state boasts a low cost of living too, especially when compared to average states throughout the country. If you’re on a tight budget and want your money to go further, there are lots of places you can move to in Georgia that won’t cost you a fortune. While lots of people head to Georgia’s capital Atlanta, others venture further afield. For those who want to reside in a small Georgian town, options like Madison, Blue Ridge, or Senoia may appeal to you.

Another great thing about Georgia is its local residents. Whether you make a new home for yourself in a city or set up a base in a small town or quaint village, there will always be someone on hand to help you settle into the southern way of living. If you’re moving to Georgia as a family, there are high performing schools and colleges across the state that your children can attend. Lastly, for the outdoor lovers, Georgia is home to beautiful mountains and lakes, which are perfect for explorers, campers, and hikers. Even if you’re not the most adventurous of types, Georgia is home to 63 state parks and historic sites, meaning there is always something exciting to check out.


When you think of Florida, Disney World may be the first thing to spring to mind. However, there is so much more to the state than theme parks and magic. Sure, many people move to Orlandoto be close to the fun, but Florida has a variety of bustling cities that are full of job opportunities. Cities include Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville. One of the appealing benefits of moving to Florida is its year-round good weather. If you’re from a state where you’ve had your fair share of snow, very little falls in Florida, which makes it the perfect southern state to set up home if you’re a sunseeker.

Florida is also home to a variety of beautiful towns, including Cedar Key, Boca Grande, and Sebring. Should you make the move to this southern state, you’ll want to feel at home right away. In this case, you may want to consider moving to Havana. This town is known for being that nice, it was voted as the friendliest small town in the whole state! If you’re a senior and ready to find a retirement base, Florida is home to over 4.5 million adults aged 65 and above. This means you’ll always have someone to converse with, helping you to get the most out of your golden years.

Whether you’re moving to a southern state for work, to be closer to loved ones, or you and your family are ready for a new adventure, all the above should help you in making the right decision.

To give you more confidence, make sure you look into job opportunities, crime rates, and local attractions of each area. Doing so will ensure you relocate to a southern state which aligns with your way of living and will help you get the most out of your new adventure.

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