Technical Document Translators – What They Can Do for Your Business

Technical document translators are a specialized kind of translators that are particularly trained to handle technical content. This may include product manuals, user guides, troubleshooting documentation, market requirements documents, medical journals, and so on. If you are involved in a business that uses technical documents, there might come a time when you will have to hire some of these translators for your business. Read on to find out more about them.

Why You Should Hire Professional Technical Document Translators

Technical document translators that are highly trained professionals know exactly what to do in order to produce an excellent output. If you hire a translation company, it is likely that they will assign you a team of experts who are capable of handling the job perfectly. They will divide the tasks among themselves, from analyzing the original content to the actual translating and all the way to the final proofreading. But other than these expert skills, there are other reasons why it is very important to hire professional technical document translators instead of having amateurs do the job.

Safety Assurance

Technical documents contain very specific information that if not translated with perfect accuracy can lead to serious consequences. Let’s say you have an instruction manual for a certain kitchen appliance that needs to be assembled before use. The translation for the assembly and operation instructions needs to be absolutely correct. Otherwise, the user might put the product together incorrectly, and cause it to malfunction. This kind of situation can result in all sorts of damage that might even put someone’s life in danger, if things get really bad.

Lawsuit Prevention

There is such a thing as a product liability lawsuit and people file it when they sustain injuries or damages from a defective product. Although you are not really the product manufacturer, you might get involved in such lawsuits if you are responsible for producing the user manual or operating instructions for the product, which contained incorrect information that led to the damage or injury. It’s a rather unlikely event but it happens. You can avoid this by hiring only the most reputable technical document translators.

Precise and Clear Communication

Whether you are addressing your global business partners or your customers from other countries, it is very important to be able to convey accurate technical information about your products, your services, and your company. In order to do this, the translator should have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter as well as extensive language skills. It is part of the job of technical document translators to do research if necessary in order to understand the content fully. They should also ensure the accuracy of technical terms while maintaining a natural flow throughout the entire translation.

What to Expect When You Hire Technical Document Translators

The first thing that a translation company will do is to assign you a project manager who will take charge of all aspects of the translation from start to finish. For purposes of simplicity and order, the project manager will also be your point of contact while the translation project is ongoing.

You will then have to submit the content for translation so that the service provider will be able to give you an accurate quotation for the job. This quote will take into account the number of words of the content, the difficulty of the target language, and the complexity of the content.

The next step is the assigning of the technical document translators who will work on your project. The number of translators will depend on the size and difficulty of the document, among other factors. In choosing these technical document translators, the company will check that they are a suitable match for your industry, your target language and other specifications you may require.


Once the translators have been assigned and you have accepted the quotation, you may be asked to answer a few more specific questions to further streamline the project and to make sure that both you and the translators are on the same page as to what must be achieved in the end.

Qualities of the Best Technical Document Translators

We have already talked about the technical requirements for a good technical translator. But other than those, you should also take a look at the simpler but just as important qualities that make them a reliable provider.


Accurate and professional translation services, especially in the technical terms, can never be emphasized enough.


No detail should be taken for granted in a technical translation job as the slightest error or omission can lead to serious problems.


Time is a very valuable resource and must not be wasted at all costs. You should find a translator that has a fast turnaround without sacrificing the quality of work.


Whenever you have technical content that you need to have translated, don’t think twice about it and just go ahead and spend on a team of qualified technical document translators. This is definitely a worthwhile investment that will come back to you multiple times in the long run.

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