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Sex Crime Law in Texas: What Is Considered a Sex Crime in San Antonio?

Being convicted of any sex offense in San Antonio can change your life’s trajectory. You’ll deal with a potentially long time in prison, registering as a sex offender, steep fines, undue stress, as well as the loss of reputation, freedom, and potential job loss.

Since stakes couldn’t be higher for a sex offense case, you need to have the best Sex Crime Lawyer in San Antonio, Texas, fighting for you. Let’s dive in and see what’s considered a sex crime in San Antonio.

Sex Crimes as Defined by the Law in Texas

According to the Texas Law or Penal Code, the following acts are considered sex offenses in Texas:

  1. Child sex offenses or sexual offenses against minors. Sexual activities involving an individual aged 17 years or older vs. a child of age 14 years or younger, including:
    • Indecency with a child (minor): Involves engaging in any kind of sexual contact with a minor by contact or by exposure.
    • Aggravated kidnapping (aggravated sexual assault): Involves the intent to violate a minor sexually.
    • Sexual assault: Involves an individual who acted with intention to cause the penetration of a minor, or causes a minor to engage in sexual contact.
    • Sex trafficking (compelling prostitution): Involves an actor aged 17 or above causing a minor(s) to engage in prostitution.
    • Sale, display, or distribute sexually explicit material to a minor, or hire a minor to sell, display, or distribute such materials
    • Child prostitution: This involves sexual performance such as video, motion picture, play, or any explicit vidual representation by a minor (somone under the age of 18), if a parent/guardian grants consent, or if an actor promotes, produces, or directs such material.
    • Online solicitation of a minor: If an individual solicits for sex or sexual activity from a minor online.
    • Employment in a sexual environment harmful to a minor (somone under 18 years): If a person employs a minor in a sexually-oriented commercial enterprise.
  2. Statutory rape and sexual assault

If an individual engages in forced sexual contact with another individual  without that person’s permission.

  1. Aggravated sexual assault

This involves sexual assault in addition to bodily harm, or plans to kill the sexual assault victim, kidnapping, and serious injuries if a” date rape” drug or deadly weapon is used.

  1. Public lewdness

If an individual engages in sex with another person or animal in a public space or is ignorant if another person watching is offended.

  1. Possession or distribution of child pornography

If an individual has in their possession, or knowingly or intentionally distributes,  any visual material depicting a minor engaging in sexual activity or conduct.

  1. Indecent exposure

If an individual exposes themselves with intention to gratify or arouse sexual desires of another person and is reckless or ignorant as to whether another person present in the scene (place) will be offended.

  1. Improper student-teacher relationship

If an individual employed by a primary or secondary school engages in sexual contact with a minor enrolled at the school.

  1. Invasive visual/video recording

An individual intentionally discloses visual material with exposed intimate parts or sexual acts without the depicted person’s consent.

  1. Voyeurism

When an individual is observing  another unsuspecting person with an intention to gratify or arouse the person’s sexual desire, the individual being observed in a structure or dwelling has a reasonable privacy expectation.

  1. Unlawful disclosure of intimate visual material

This sexual offense applies to videotapes, photographs, recordings, transmissions, or broadcasts of invasive sexual video recordings.

  1. Prostitution and promotion of prostitution

Engaging in sexual conduct for an agreed fee or publicly soliciting sexual conduct or activity for a fee. Those who promote the act of prostitution may also be charged.

  1. Obscenity

If a person promotes or distributes offensive sexual material or participates in an obscene performance.

  1. Prohibited sexual conduct

If an indivudal engages in sex with a relative, descendant, or ancestor.


Most sex crimes in Texas, and by extension San Antonio, are considered felonies under Texas law. One can be convicted with such penalties as first degree, second degree, or state jail felony. Sentencing for sex offenses varies from case to case, and one needs to consult a sex crime defense attorney for help.


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