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Ready To Save Some Money? Then Jump on These 3 Home Tech Trends

Today’s home technology isn’t just a gathering of gadgets that are fun to play with. It turns out that some of the best devices can go a long way toward saving you money by lowering your monthly bills. Here are three ways that home tech can keep your expenses down.

VoIP Phone Service

Ditching your pricey landline phone company and signing up for free VoIP service can quickly pay for itself. Caller ID, call forwarding, voicemail, and conferencing are all features you can hang onto when you make the move to cloud technology. And don’t worry that switching to VoIP phone service will require you to get a brand new number; unless you want to make a change, your same Rochester area code and phone number can stay with you when you port your service over to an online provider.

Smart Thermostat

Replacing your old wall thermostat can give your home more than just an aesthetic upgrade. Because today’s smart thermostats allow you to track your usage, you can program them to run less when you need them less. You can even access them remotely, which can give you control over your home’s temperature even when you’re on vacation. The best thermostats will also learn your family’s patterns and adjust themselves automatically, ensuring that you are never heating or cooling your home when it’s unnecessary to do so. This can help you save money by eliminating wasteful energy usage.

Leak Detector

In the same way heat and cold air can be wasted in your home if it isn’t properly monitored, so can unmonitored water usage. Because leaks are often unseen until they’ve caused visible damage, your home’s plumbing may be a dripping time bomb, driving up your water bill and building up to a disaster. Unstemmed leaks can be expensive for both the water they waste and the cost of repairing walls and flooring that can be damaged by flooding. Installing a leak detector with a water shutoff function can help you catch a small problem before it becomes a major issue.

By adding one or more of these trending tech items to your house, you can lower your utility bills and save money each year they’re in operation. The upfront costs for these devices are usually minimal, and installing each of them has the potential to put a bundle of cash back into your wallet from day one.


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