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Popular online casino games in Australia

The variety of entertainment in online casinos cannot leave you indifferent. An inexperienced user may at first even be confused about which game to start with, because the choice on the main pages of licensed online establishments is more than great. So, the range of products from popular developers can reach 7000 gambling games. It’s not a one-month job to try at least half of them.

And although Australia is famous for its citizens’ love for online slots, however, not only they are popular with local residents. As the experts from fancasinos.com have noticed, beginners start their journey in the world of gambling with simple 3-reel mechanisms. Over time, the desire to diversify online entertainment pushes them to try other online casino games:

  • baccarat,
  • poker,
  • live roulette,
  • keno,
  • sic bo,
  • blackjack and more.

Subsequently, many customers become frequent visitors to these gambling games, periodically being interested in new products on the site.


This game used to be considered the entertainment of the rich. But now a player with any income can join it. Simple rules and three betting options, as well as easy strategies, make baccarat one of the favorites among the best casino games in Australia. You can play baccarat both with the program and with live dealers. Varieties of entertainment: European baccarat, mini-baccarat, Chemin de fer — allow you to show creativity and add newness to the classics.


If earlier it was necessary to call friends to play the best casino games or go to a land-based establishment, now everything has become much easier. One has only to choose the appropriate variety of poker in a mobile casino and start applying your knowledge. This game is more difficult and requires attention and good memory. But for Australians, there is nothing complicated.

Live Roulette

It’s quite exciting to be at home and at the same time at the gaming table with a great dealer. You place bets, watch the ball and have fun chatting with the croupier while drinking tea from your favorite mug. It is quite worthy to take the place among the popular online casino games in Australia.


The good old fun that migrated from television draws to online casinos. It’s a little exciting to hold a phone with a coupon in your hand and choose the numbers that can bring you good luck. It’s so easy to win here, maybe not at the first time, but you will definitely succeed.

Sic Bo

Do you also hear the sound of bones hitting the gaming table in your head? Then you, like the Australians, love to bet on the outcome in Sic Bo. Make one bet or several. The program will show your winnings.


It’s good that this card game can now be played online. And how many times have you managed to collect 21 from the first hand? Australians prefer the traditional version of such online casino games, as well as Spanish and Atlantic City.


We left slots for dessert because they have practically no competitors. Pokies win by a variety of designs, customer traffic, and the number of winnings. These best casino games rely on pure chance but often offer several thousand winning combinations. The range of slots is regularly updated with new products, keeping Australian gamblers from getting bored.


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