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Online Casinos Have Never Been More Popular, Here’s Why

Online gambling has been a thing since the mid-1990s. However, over this past decade, this hobby has notched significant growth. Following the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, this sector started swelling incredibly fast. According to data from Fortune Business Insight, the industry should expand by 11.4% annually in the next six years.

In 2021, multiple US states that allow online casino action for their residents, like New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, posted astounding revenue numbers from interactive gaming. Their best, ever. The same can get said for other regions, like various European markets. Furthermore, Latin America is currently undergoing a gaming revolution, as many South American countries are legalizing or looking to permit online slots and other games of chance on gambling websites.


The first interactive platforms that accepted cryptocurrencies appeared in 2011, two years following the invention of Bitcoin. Today, there are thousands of gaming hubs that allow digital money for deposits and withdrawals and many feature games that incorporate provably fair algorithms that let gamblers verify the randomness of each result. Since cryptos are all the rage right now, operators have explored other ways to attract coin enthusiasts to gamble online, and one of their latest creations is skin-based casinos. Websites where players can bet and win digital items for popular video games.

Diverse Slot Selection

At the start of 2021, industry experts estimated there were around eighteen thousand real money slots on the internet. In 2022, this figure has jumped to twenty thousand, showing just how many reel-spinning games continuously pop up online. Hence, they are likely the most diverse gambling genre there is. Most casinos house a couple of thousand spinners in their game catalogs at least, ensuring that no one gets bored if they decide to spin digital reels.

Innovative Live Games

In 2017, Evolution Gaming decided to branch off from traditional live table games and bring forward a new concept in the interactive gaming landscape, presenter wheel products. It did this with DreamCatcher, which proved to be a massive success. In June 2020, it released Crazy Time, a super novel game that offers multiple mini-rounds and a never-before-seenvisual presentation. Now, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, and others are dabbling in this genre, hoping to further develop the possibilities of what online gambling can entail.

Premium Bonuses

Games aside, everyone that has examined the interactive gaming sector knows that it would shrivel up if casino promotions went away. They are one of this industry’s chief drivers, enticing new players to join gambling sites and existing ones to not even consider going back to brick-and-mortar locales. In the past, deposit matches were the standard offers everyone would provide. Today, things are a bit different. Cashback, perk-rich loyalty schemes, and no deposit promos are the norm also.

Gamification Features

Gamification refers to adding mechanics common for video games into non-game environments. Gambling sites gamify themselves by letting users select their avatars, allowing them to collect points that lead to customization benefits, and hosting betting tournaments where players can compete against each other. These are aspects that cater to the younger demographics of gamblers.


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