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New Fiat Account of KuCoin to allow traders make USD Deposits and Crypto Purchases

New Fiat Account of KuCoin to allow traders make USD Deposits and Crypto Purchases

KuCoin, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, has recently announced that it would launch the KuCoin Fiat Account.

The new announcement and offering will grant the global users the opportunity to have access to depositing the US Dollars on the KuCoin platform using a credit or debit card. After this, they will be able to purchase major crypto assets, including those like BTC, ETH, and USDT.

This is a very important step towards the further development of the crypto trading industry. Thanks to similar steps, it is becoming a lot easier for newcomers in the crypto trading market to find ways to get started.

Over the past few years, the rapid growth of the crypto trading market has been attracting numerous people around the world. However, along the way, there are some obstacles that newcomers encounter. One of those is that some beginners are having a hard time converting their fiat money to cryptocurrencies.

The main aim of KuCoin, by launching the Fiat Account feature, is to make their platform safer and more user-friendly, providing market participants with lower fees. This offering was launched by the company to supplement the existing fiat-related services, among which are P2P Fiat Trade, and other third-party gateways that traders were using.

The Aim of KuCoin’s Decision

The CEO of the company called KuCoin the exchange of people, saying that the company continues to improve all of its services and offer investors advanced products with less complexity and much lower fees.

The aim of the account is to get more people on board ahead of the larger adoption of cryptocurrencies as many market experts have predicted. The new account offered by the exchange supports USD transactions and clients of the company holding Visa or MasterCard are able to deposit funds directly using USD on their KuCoin accounts.

After this, they will be able to convert it by using the Fast Buy. It was also announced that the company will support over 50 fiat currencies in the near future including EUR, GBP, RUB, and many others. In the celebration of the new service, KuCoin announced that it will hold a special campaign to reward its clients.

According to the statement of the company, every day, from 18:00 on November 2 to November 5, 18:00 (UTC time), the first 100 users who will buy USDT on KuCoin using the Fiat Account, will enjoy a 50 percent discount on their purchase.

KuCoin is one of the largest crypto exchanges globally, offering clients access to over 400 digital assets. The crypto exchange offers clients services like Spot trading, Margin trading, P2P fiat trading, Futures trading, and many others. The services of the exchange are available in over 207 countries around the world.

The recent announcement of the crypto exchange regarding its new offering is a very important step towards ensuring further adoption and development of the crypto trading market. This will allow more people around the world the opportunity to easily become part of the crypto trading market and use trading services without much struggle.

Lower Entry Barriers

Thanks to the new KuCoin Fiat Account offered by the exchange, the team behind KuCoin ensures lower entry barriers for new users in the crypto industry. As a result, the clients of the company are given the opportunity to deposit US Dollars to their KuCoin trading accounts using credit and debit cards.

After doing so, they are able to buy assets like BTC, ETH, USDT, and others. This is possible through the Fast Buy interface of the exchange. Among the biggest advantages of the new account offered by the exchange, traders are offered lower fees, the simpler start of trading, faster deposits, and other advantages.

According to KuCoin, the new account offers traders the best possible fees in the crypto industry. This is possible by decreasing the intermediaries involved in the deposit process. Traders are able to top up their accounts using credit and debit cards after completing the KYC procedure.

While the initial version of the KuCoin Fiat Account only supports the USD deposits, the company aims at further increasing this offering and giving traders the opportunity to use over 20 fiat currencies to purchase cryptos.

This is expected to make it easier for newcomers in the market to get started in the market. With this offering, not only is it more comfortable for people to make deposits, but it also costs a lot less to do so.

KuCoin – A Leading Crypto Exchange

KuCoin has emerged in the market as one of the leaders in terms of crypto trading. The crypto exchange offers traders of all different backgrounds and locations its services. Available in over 200 countries, the exchange has recorded a daily trading volume of about $2 billion. It is among the top 5 leading exchanges in terms of trading volume and usage around the world.

With over 200 available tradable tokens and an impressive number of trading pairs, which is over 480, KuCoin has something for every type of crypto trader. It is also a great option for automated crypto trading. You can simply connect the trading robot of your choice with your KuCoin exchange account using the API key, which is a safe form of connection.

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