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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Cars

Let’s face it: we are all looking for ways that we can be more environmentally responsible, and for a lot of us, the biggest contributor to our own personal carbon footprint is our car. We understand why it can be so hard to let go of the car you have known and used for years. Most of us are creatures of habit and once we find something we like, we tend to stick with it. But the truth of the matter is that a lot of those old habits are what is contributing to the climate crisis. If we want to make sure that we leave a better world for future generations, joining the movement towards electric cars is one of the most responsible things you can do.

But if you are someone who has been on the fence for a long time or who has just come around to the idea of an electric car, it can be a little daunting. Sure, we may understand the basics, but you do not want to place an order and be left standing staring at a vehicle that you don’t really understand. With that in mind, we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about electric cars to help give you some answers.

Are Electric Cars Really Better For The Environment?

The wording of this is crucial, because if the question is “are electric cars good for the environment?” then the answer would be a little more complicated. That’s because you do still need to charge an electric car and that power must come from somewhere. The short answer to the above question, however, is yes. Electric cars do not produce emissions (you may also have heard them referred to as zero emission cars). Non-electric cars produce exhaust, and so do hybrids.

How Long Do Electric Cars Last For?

Generally speaking, an electric car should last about as long as a non-electric car. One of the reasons why there is not a huge amount of data on this is that cars tend to last for about 14 years. We have not yet reached the point where electric car models have been on the road for that long. However, there is nothing to suggest that electric cars would last for any less time than an exhaust-producing car, and in fact, the batteries should see less damage over their lifetime than their non-electric counterparts.

How Do I Charge An Electric Car?

As you would expect, this is one of the most pressing questions that most people have when they invest in an electric car. No one wants to be left high and dry with a car that is out of juice, which is why anyone who buys an electric car should make sure that they install a charging station at home. However, we are seeing more and more electric car charging stations across the United States, particularly when it comes to the Tesla.

First of all, when you buy a Tesla, you will be able to choose one of two options for home charging. You will also have access to the Tesla Supercharger network, which is available in over 1000 stations in North America. The question of how much does supercharging cost is next on most people’s checklist, and you should note that it may vary depending on the electricity costs in your region. Compare’s guide to supercharging breaks down everything that you need to know about charging your Tesla. They can help you find the best insurance policy for your vehicle, as well as provide useful information in general.

Can I Travel Far Enough On A Single Charge?

The answer to this question really depends on the model you choose and how far you are going. The government is pushing to improve infrastructure for electric cars, but a lot of people are still reasonably concerned about the length of the single charge. If you are planning on going on a cross-country road trip, then you will have to make a stop at one of the locations on the supercharger network.

owever, if you are using your electric car for everyday activities such as a commute to work, a school run and grocery shopping, then you should have more than enough charge to go about your business without any problems. If you are going more than 200 miles every day, then you should note that you probably will need to locate those charge points.

CanI Lease An Electric Car?

It makes sense given how shiny and new electric cars feel that a lot of people assume that the only way to get your hands on one is to shell out for a brand-new model straight off the production line and pay the full cost upfront. However, there are leasing options available that may be a more affordable option. If you are unsure about which is the right choice for you, it is important that you do your research.


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