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Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts Easily and Effectively

Most business owners agree that having an active social media presence is critical for any business. Social media is a fantastic source of traffic and, when used correctly, can drive potential customers to your products or services. However, managing social media marketing is a department on its own. The same rules of traditional marketing don’t apply. However, you have a whole new set to learn to be successful.

This is why some businesses reach out to social media marketers to handle this type of specialized marketing. Navigating the management of multiple social platforms can sometimes be challenging for individuals and marketers alike. You have to use particular tools such as a Twitter proxy or Instagram proxy to manage multiple accounts successfully.

What Makes Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts Challenging?

Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts Easily and Effectively

One of the most significant challenges marketers face is that social platforms don’t allow multiple accounts to be created on the same IP address. When they see multiple accounts on the same address, they get flagged as spam and can be banned.

Once your site is banned, valuable time and effort goes into unbanning the site. This time and effort could’ve been better spent on other areas of your business.

The intentions of these platforms are good, i.e, the safety of the users. These measures are in place to protect the platform’s users from malicious intentions, such as fake accounts run with bots to steal users’ data.

This does beg the question of how you can manage multiple accounts from the same location as a marketer? Is it even possible to do without getting banned?

How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts?

Marketing agencies and individuals might often have to run multiple social media accounts. Marketers not only need to manage accounts but also have to create new accounts. However, this is tricky because, as we mentioned, social platforms don’t allow the creation of multiple accounts from one IP address.

Having multiple accounts for one brand or company is also sometimes part of their marketing strategy. You can use multiple accounts to segment audiences, share location-specific news and topic-specific focuses. You can also use multiple accounts to share content and create engagement so that your content gets shown to more users on the platform.

The easiest way to start managing multiple accounts without getting banned from the social media site is to use social media proxies such as Facebook or Instagram proxies.

What Are Social Media Proxies and How Do They Help?

Social media proxies are virgin private proxies allocated to specific social networks. Virgin proxies mean that the IP address of this proxy hasn’t been used to create any accounts on this platform. As such, it still has a clear history and won’t get flagged as spam, or worse, get banned.

You can buy dedicated proxies for the specific platform you intend to create the accounts on. There are many dedicated social media proxies available for all the most popular platforms.

Instagram Proxies

Instagram is well known for quickly banning accounts that are created on the same IP address. Currently, you can create and manage up to five Instagram accounts on one IP address. This is where Instagram proxies become very useful as they allow you to create these accounts with different IP addresses thus managing multiple accounts.

Facebook Proxies

With Facebook, it is a lot easier to manage multiple accounts. However, you are still not able to create multiple accounts from the same IP address, similar to Instagram. To create and run multiple accounts on this platform, a dedicated Facebook proxy is needed.

Twitter Proxies

Although many believe Twitter to be outdated, it is still very much an active social platform. It is also one of the preferred platforms for specific industries such as the medical and teaching fields.


You also get Reddit and YouTube proxies that are dedicated to these social platforms. Although these are not as big in marketing as the other three, they can be valuable to you depending on your industry.

What Are the Advantages of Using Social Proxies?

One of the advantages is, of course, that you can manage multiple accounts when using a social media proxy. Another benefit is that you don’t have to fear being banned, as these are virgin accounts and have no history on that particular platform. Another benefit is that these are private proxies, meaning the user has complete control over the proxy and the accounts created using the proxy. Since these proxies also aren’t linked to other accounts, it is difficult for the platform to ban these accounts in bulk.

Why Are Social Proxies Ideal for Marketers?

Social proxies such as Instagram proxies can be bought and used to extend the marketing reach to bigger audiences. Marketers can also manage multiple accounts and let these accounts interact with the primary account to boost engagement.

Final Thoughts

While managing multiple social platforms may be difficult, you need to know how to do it without getting banned. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram proxies are one way marketers can create and manage multiple accounts simply and securely without the fear of being banned.


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