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Kelly Clarkson and the most acrimonious celebrity divorces ever

The saga of Kelly Clarkson’s messy divorce from Brandon Blackstock took another turn last week, when the courts decided in Clarkson’s favour over the ownership of her $10.4 million Montana ranch. The home, one of several owned by the Fort Worth native, was where the couple spent much of the pandemic lockdown together and ultimately decided that their marriage was over.

The latest reports suggest that Blackstock is refusing to vacate the premises, having previously expressed a desire to become a full-time rancher. It is just the most recent development in what has become a bitter and difficult separation for the couple, who were an item for a decade and have two children together.

Money comes and goes, and Clarkson is certainly worth enough with or without an expensive divorce. If you’re looking for a quick buck you can try an online casino Canada real money, which you can find here. But expense isn’t just about cash, and divorce takes a costly emotional toll on all involved as well. Here are some of the most expensive and acrimonious celebrity divorces of recent times.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Heard also hails from Texas, having had an outdoorsy upbringing in a small town outside Austin. She swapped hunting and fishing for modelling and acting when she left the state behind at the age of seventeen. The up-and-coming actress met Depp, twenty two years her senior and at the time still in a relationship with his long-term partner Vanessa Paradis, on the set of The Rum Diary in 2009.

The marriage lasted scarcely more than a year, ending in hostility amid claims of domestic violence. Since they had been married so briefly, Heard’s settlement was relatively modest by Hollywood standards. She caused a stir when she donated all $7 million to charity, although this claim is currently being contested. Depp’s legal battle to clear his name continues to this day, with neither party prepared to back down. The most unpleasant public divorce in recent history, the saga has had a negative impact on both Heard and Depp’s careers.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Madonna’s relationship history is almost as varied as her illustrious career, but she has in fact only been married and divorced twice. It was her 2008 split from British director Guy Ritchie that caused the biggest waves, with reports that she had been compelled to pay her estranged spouse anything up to $92 million.

Madonna barely suffered financially over her divorce, and it is now estimated that her personal wealth may be as much as $850 million. She ended up paying in other ways though, especially over her relationship with Rocco, the son she and Ritchie share. Rocco was a teenager when his parents separated, and when it came to where he wanted to live, he very publicly chose his father. The relationship between Madonna and her oldest son was strained for many years, and only recently seems to have improved.

Heather Mills and Paul McCartney

The 2008 divorce between the former Beatle and model turned activist Mills had an air of inevitability to anyone who had been following their story. Mills was never accepted by McCartney’s family, who believed that he was still grieving wife of 29 years Linda when the pair got together. Various media outlets cast doubt on some of Heather’s rather wild assertions – for example she claimed that every man she had ever been with proposed to her within a week.

McCartney married Mills against the entreaties of his adult children, and the pair separated three years later. Mills originally tried to claim several hundred million in the proceedings, but had to be content with just under $50 million.

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