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Is 2022 the Year of the Startup? 7 Ideas Worth Launching This Year

When the economy is booming, creative ideas tend to turn into startups. With 2022 starting on a positive economic foot, the year could become eponymous with new startup opportunities. Here are just a few ideas that could lend themselves to a new business in 2022. 

First, the differences between fully remote and brick-and-mortar

So, you’ve decided startup ownership is the right career choice for you. There’s no time like the present to make critical decisions regarding your startup in-the-making. 

First and foremost, entrepreneurs need to decide whether they want a remote or a commercial office. Those who choose a remote office will benefit from having tech tools to stay connected and maintain professionalism. For example, virtual address services such as these can furnish your startup with a business address to use in place of your private home address.  

Using a work-from-home model, entrepreneurs won’t need to spend money on rent, while those with brick-and-mortar offices will be able to lure in the local foot, depending on their location. Consider your customer base, products, and services before deciding which model is best for you. 

Now, that you’re up-to-date on the differences between this up-and-coming business and the traditional brick-and-mortar office, it’s time to make a decision. Do you want to operate your startup fully remote or in an office. Remember, it’s critical to check off this decision before ironing out the finer details of your product offerings, marketing strategies, recruitment strategies, etc. 

Once you’ve settled on whether a remote startup is right for you, you can start brainstorming the next groundbreaking startup idea–like those spotlighted below. 

Subscription boxes

People enjoy the surprise of themed subscription boxes. If you fill your boxes with excellent products, customers will continue to want them. As people spend more time indoors and outsource more of their needs to delivery services, a subscription box could be the extra serotonin their week needs. 

Home services

As busy homeowners have to manage work, family, and relaxation, they need help with cleaning and meal prep after a long day at work. Home task services can take the weight off a consumer’s shoulders while putting money in your pocket. 

Pet care/grooming

It’s tough to find families that don’t have pets, and as pet ownership skyrockets during COVID-19, the opportunity for pet care businesses is growing. Pet care services are in demand, from dog walking to petting sitting to grooming. 

Food delivery

The food delivery industry is limited to a few big players, so local markets are wide open. Food delivery has helped restaurants stay open during the pandemic and created convenience for people who don’t want to drive around town for takeout. 

Food delivery services also include grocery stores, where personal shoppers or grocery store employees pull food for online customers. Drivers can make additional money by picking up the bags of food and delivering them to customers’ homes. 

Food trucks

Food trucks have become popular small businesses for restaurateurs and their customers. Many offer delicious menu choices with the versatility of traveling to events. Some entrepreneurs enjoy fixing old trucks and adding kitchens to them, while others choose to buy existing food trucks. 

Childcare services

Childcare services are in high demand. After the pandemic shut down in 2020, many childcare facilities closed their doors, leaving communities without this vital service. Entrepreneurs can start new facilities in their homes or commercial spaces. Some might work with large businesses to open in-house childcare for their employees. 


You don’t have to be a physician or provider to offer healthcare services. Providers need offices, and someone needs to own the office or lease the space. Entrepreneurs can take care of the facilities and give providers somewhere to practice. 

Wrap up

Entrepreneurs looking to start a small business should consider some in-demand ideas for 2022. It’s beneficial to strike while the iron is hot to maximize profits and build a loyal customer base. 


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