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IE error on LG washer. Home repair or service center?

If, when you turn on the “wash” mode, an error like IE (1E) appears on the display of the LG washing machine, this indicates a lack of water supply. In most cases, this happens due to carelessness: they forgot to open the tap through which the machine is connected. It is enough to turn the valve and the washing will automatically continue in normal mode. But what if the LG washing machine gives an IE error, if everything is in order with the plumbing, the tap is also open? Why does this happen, how to fix the problem?

IE Error Meaning

The abbreviation stands for “Inlet Error”, indicating that the washing machine did not have time to collect the amount of water required for washing (or rinsing) in the allotted time. On machines that do not have a display, instead of the IE error, the prewash and main wash indicators are constantly lit.

At the same time, water can continue to be drawn, but much longer than usual, washing will also start. This happens if the valve opens partially. You should not ignore it – in the future it will completely stop working.

Another IE error indicates low pressure in the plumbing system. In this scenario, the washing powder or gel is not normally washed out of the tray (the required pressure for the solenoid is not provided).

Possible causes of the malfunction

LG washing machine IE error occurs for the following reasons:

  • the water supply tap is not open (check the position of the valve);
  • blockage of the hose through which water is supplied (unscrew from the machine and the water supply, blow through, check for bends);
  • blockage of the mesh filter at the inlet pipe (unscrew the hose and check the condition of the mesh, rinse under running water);
  • failure of the water level sensor – pressure switch (water is normally collected at the same time, but immediately drains into the sewer, a full washing cycle does not start);
  • failure of the valve that regulates the water supply (injection does not occur at all or is slow, you can check by measuring the resistance between the valve contacts, it should be in the range of 2 – 4 kOhm);
  • failure of the control unit (it will not be possible to check it yourself).

Valves and pressure switch cannot be repaired. When they fail, they are simply replaced.

Required repair in case of certain malfunctions

When an IE error occurs on an LG washing machine, you need to do the following:

If the washing machine draws water very slowly, then this indicates a malfunction of the inlet valve, which promises a complete replacement. This type of repair requires dismantling the washing machine, so before you start repairing yourself, first think carefully about whether you have the necessary skills and tools.

If no water is drawn at all and the IE error is on the display, then two probable causes of a malfunction or breakdown of the control unit or pressure switch (level sensor). Solving the problem is not difficult, but not cheap either. If the computer breaks down, it can also be repaired, but in most cases it will have to be replaced. If the reason lies in the pressure switch, then it is also possible to replace it, but sometimes the usual cleaning of the level sensor tube is required.

In total, what does the LG washer IE code error mean? This is a malfunction in which water is not collected when the wash or rinse cycle is turned on. It will be possible to fix it on your own only if the problem is related to a clogged strainer or lack of normal pressure in the water supply. In other cases, it will be necessary to disassemble and check the operation of the pressure switch, valve and control unit.

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