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How to Spend a Weekend in Texas for Students

The USA is full of incredible places that are worth visiting. But today we want to tell you about one state that will impress you — Texas. Here is the list of places that you can visit on your own or with your buddies on weekends to feel refreshment of mind and body. So let’s start to discover such locations!

Space Center — Touch to the History of Space Exploration

This place is worth visiting because you will be touched by the history of space exploration. Space Center is a museum in Houston where you’ll see a lot of moon rocks. The most popular thing is the Saturn V rocket. Also, it’s possible to explore NASA Mission Control.

Being there, you’ll see a lot of fun shows and theatre experiences; likewise, in the wide range of attractions, you can try the one that enables you to feel like you’re living in space.

Houston Museum of Natural Science — Look at Dinosaurs

If you’re fond of dinosaurs, and different images in textbooks make you tired because you want to see dinosaurs in real life, continue your trip to Houston and stop at the Museum of Natural Science where you can see 16 exhibits.

The good news is that if your buddies are fans of Ancient Egypt, you’ll discover new artifacts from this period in the museum. You’ll discover kinds of butterflies, learn about the wildlife and ecology of Texas and broaden your horizons, see the wild nature of the whole of North America and see the culture and history of Native Americans. Likewise, there are lots of jewels and gemstones from all over the world.

So all your buddies become satisfied after visiting such a museum. You’ll start a new week with new impressions by discussing them with people.

McDonald’s Observatory — Your Trip to Night Sky

Such an observatory is ruled by the University of Texas; so you can see a lot of telescopes in this place. It’s incredible if you like looking at stars. In addition, it’s better to visit such a location at night as you come to Star Party where professionals organize a trip to the night sky.

Marfa — the City of Artists

If you’re tired of traveling in the deserts of West Texas, it’s time to visit Marfa — a city where faddish artists found themselves. Here you’ll discover Chinati Foundation, a maze with interesting installations.

Chinati Foundation is a treasury of unusual things from an abandoned Soviet school to concrete boxes made by Donald Judd, a founder of such a place.

To your pleasure, spending half an hour on the road, you get to Prada Marfa in the small town that is called Valentine. You’ll relish art there.

Chinati Foundation and Prada Marfa will give you an image of the art of Marfa. You’ll enrich yourself with new impressions of installations.

Culinary Tour — Relish Yummy Food

Yes, it’s necessary to turn your weekend into a foodie vacation to indulge in Texas barbecue, queso, kolaches, and other meals.

You can visit the following cafes and restaurants:

  • Blue Bonnet Cafe. It will impress you with its Blue Bell ice cream;
  • The Salt Lick BBQ. Such a restaurant is very popular; hence, it sells its sauce to you can enjoy it at home;
  • Cattleman’s Steakhouse. Giant steaks, barbecue, and seafood — you can taste such things in this place where there is a vibe of a working ranch.

Each restaurant or cafe is full of visitors; so you can make new friends with them.

Beach Trips — Your Path to Solitary Beauty

If you’re a fan of chilling out and enjoying the sun, you can visit beaches in Texas. Each of them is full of its own atmosphere. Some of them are filled with tourists, and some are the best place to sit in silence and get rid of stress.

San Jose Island

This beach is located across from Port Aransas. So San Jose Island is the best place when it comes to silence as such an island is undeveloped. So you can relish the incredible sea and solitary beauty.

But to get to this place, you should take a jetty boat.

Stewart Beach

It’s a good idea to visit this beach because you can take your four-legged friend here and chill out with it. The great news is that you needn’t handle your chairs and umbrellas as it’s possible to rent them; therefore, you won’t take the sand pile with you when going home.

The Bottom Line

Well, Texas will be a great state where you can spend your weekend and enjoy life instead of thinking about the future year at college. Some students are apprehensive about studying and are searching for a high-quality writing service by reading allassignmenthelp reviews or feedback on another company, such as my perfect paper reviews. It’s okay to prepare for college in advance, but summer isn’t a good time for doing it. So rest while you have time.


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