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How to Pay For College Textbooks

Many college students in the United States face financial problems for several reasons:

  1. They also have to pay tuition fees or student loans;
  2. Many students have not yet learned how to plan their budget correctly, and often by the end of the month, students have to save a lot;
  3. Some students are not helped by their parents. In such cases, students have to combine work and study.

One of the essential aspects of a college education is buying college textbooks. Unfortunately, this is often one of the most common problems for American students at the beginning of each semester. After all, the total cost of textbooks can exceed several hundred dollars.

In this article, we will discuss how you can pay for your textbooks?

1. Look for cheaper books

There are so many places where you can find textbooks at discounted prices. For example, on the BookDeal website, you can compare the prices of textbooks and choose the one that suits you best. The most optimal places to buy cheap books:

  1. Look at the available options in online stores and forums;
  2. You can buy textbooks from high school students in your college who no longer need textbooks;
  3. Some bookstores sell discounted used textbooks.

2. Buy textbooks in advance

For example, if your school year starts in September, buy the textbooks you need a few months in advance,  there will be no high demand for these textbooks. So, inherently, the prices will be much lower. This way you can save a lot of money.

3. Rent books

You can also rent books from those who have already purchased the textbook you want. Expensive textbooks are often rented or those that can always be useful to the book owner. You can pay every month, but be sure to keep an eye on the appearance of the textbook. Otherwise, you will have to pay the total cost of the book.

4. Share the textbooks with friends

Another way to buy a textbook cheaper is to buy one textbook for several people. This method will help you purchase a book 2-3 times cheaper. However, this method is not very convenient, as you will not be able to study the textbook at any time, so you will need to make a schedule. In addition, this method can reduce the quality of your teaching.

5. Print the textbooks

You can borrow a textbook from someone and print the chapters you want. You will save money, especially if you have your scanner. You can also scan the entire textbook and keep it in electronic form. Then you won’t even need to spend money on printing pages.

6. Sell your old textbooks

To buy the textbooks you need, you can sell your old textbooks. There are several ways you can do this:

  1. You can sell textbooks online. However, it would help if you remembered that the site would take some of the money;
  2. You can sell textbooks in college;
  3. You can sell textbooks in bookstores for a discounted price;
  4. You can exchange your books for the textbooks you need.

7. Ask your college for help

Many colleges in the United States have programs to help students with textbooks. Colleges can provide you with books or cover some of your expenses. More fortunate are those students who have won admission scholarships, as many scholarships in the USA cover the purchase of textbooks. But those who study without a scholarship can always turn to the college management for help.

8. Find a part-time job

The most efficient way to pay for your expenses and not have financial problems is a part-time job. Many college students today have jobs that help them pay for their tuition and living expenses. So you can find a job and not worry about your college costs.


There are so many ways today to pay for your textbooks and do it effectively. Let’s summarize below:

  1. You can buy used books;
  2. You can buy textbooks in advance, rent or share them with friends;
  3. You can sell your textbooks;
  4. You can ask your college for help;
  5. You can find a part-time job and not think about financial problems.

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