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How to Have a Girls Night in This Winter

Winter may not be your favorite season because it’s cold and the weather can be harsh, but it does give you the perfect excuse to have a girls night in. With the sun peeking out for only a few hours a day and setting before nine, you can have a girls night that’s both relaxing and fun. Here’s how.

Plan Your Night In

Your girls night in doesn’t have to be fancy, but it can be if your friends are looking for a reason to dress up. If you plan on having a relaxed night in, then you can plan your gathering easily.

First, make sure that you have enough snacks. Have a mixture of healthy and unhealthy snacks to satisfy everyone’s night cravings.

If your girls night is starting before dinnertime, make sure that you have dinner delivery arrive as soon as everyone starts getting hungry so you can enjoy a full meal together.

If you want a more extravagant girls night that requires proper planning, consider using a to-do list that can help you track everything you need to take care of before the big night.

Be Comfortable

Unless you and your friends have decided to dress up for your girls night in, you should make sure that everyone can wear something that they’re comfortable in and doesn’t feel pressure to wear makeup like they do every other night. Instead, you can buy Christmas pajamas for women so that no one feels like they’re over or underdressed.

Don’t Stress

Having a girls night is all about relaxing with your friends. You shouldn’t worry about anything. After all, if something does go wrong, you or someone else can run to the store to pick up anything you need.

If you’re worried about activities or someone getting bored, just remember that your friends don’t expect you to throw them a party; they’d be just as happy having a bonfire under the night sky.

Decide What to Do

Put all of the girls in a group chat and ask them ahead of time what they’d like to do with their evening. You can watch television or movies, play games, pamper each other, or all of the above. The options for girls night activities are limitless; it just depends on what you and your friends are in the mood for.

Pick a Game

If you can’t decide exactly what you want to do with your friends, have a game to fall back on. Make sure that it’s a game everyone can play without having to learn too many rules. For instance, Uno and Monopoly are ideal games that can keep you entertained for hours without making anyone learn any new and confusing rules.

Make a Playlist

No girls night is complete without a proper music playlist. When you’re not watching television, make sure that someone is in charge of the playlist so that you can keep the girls night going all night long. You can also leave music playing in the background to keep the mood light.

Let Your Friends Make Decisions

If you over-plan your gathering, it will be difficult for your friends to chime in with ideas about what they’d like to do. Instead, let your friends make decisions about how the night will go. Allow them to give you ideas for what to do even if they weren’t in the original plan.

Make Time to Talk

While you might have tons of activities planned, remember that your friends came to your girls night in to spend time with you and get to talk to one another. Spending time talking without being distracted by music or an absorbing movie can allow everyone to chat and have fun.

Having a girls night in can be as relaxed or extravagant as you want it to be. Before you decide the type of girls night that you’ll have, discuss options with your friends so that you can ensure they have a good time.

How to Have a Girls Night in This Winter

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