How Is Living on Molokai Hawaii? The Guide You Need to Read

The 5th largest island of Hawaii, Molokai, truly embodies the term ‘getaway’. If you want to experience the authentic aloha feeling of Hawaii, Molokai is just where you need to be!

There are no concrete jungles, shopping centres, or drinking pubs, but there are sure fishponds that ages back 800 years and 19th-century churches that’ll leave you in total awe. Almost 50% of the population residing in Molokai is of Native Hawaiian roots; they actively encourage to spread their traditional rich culture around the region. If you’re planning to visit Hawaii anytime soon, don’t forget to get Group ESTA done for your family before the visit.

It takes only 72 hours for you to get one, and you need it to enter the U.S. However, it’s also a good idea to apply early – since each ESTA issuance is valid for a good two years. So, you can make your travel plan even after you get your ESTA.

The Top Ways to Spend Your Time in Molokai

No matter when you head to Molokai, you have something exciting and fun to do.

So, what are the things that you must do if you’re visiting Molokai? Papohaku Beach, the 2-mile long beach, is one of the longest white sand beaches in Hawaii. The south shore of Molokai is also the longest barrier reef of Hawaii and Australia’s only barrier reef. You should also not miss out on Kaiwe forests on the west end side of Molokai.

Inception of Hula

Hawaiian art of hula- one of the most precious parts of Hawaiian culture- originated here, in Molokai itself. Dancing hula was, is and always will be a way for the locals of Hawaii to express their emotions and pass down their legacy.

Molokai Hiking

One of the best ways to witness the astounding beauty of Molokai, hiking, will give you a close and deep insight into its natural beauty along with Flora & Fauna. There are several trails around Molokai for every type of hiker.

An hour and a half away from Molokai Airport, Halawa Valley is an East End’s authentic cathedral valley to witness ancient Hawaii. It’s said that Polynesians resided in lush Halawa Valley back in 650 AD. With many sacred places to worship in, it’s quite evident how blessed this beautiful part of Molokai is! Their towering waterfalls are simply some of the best historical scenes on the island.

There’s also Halawa Beach Park with two swimming beaches named Kaiwili and Kaili. It is situated in Halawa Bay alongside Molokai’s eastern coast. It’s suggested to go fancy this site in the summer season to avoid any issue of high tides or rough water. Do not visit in the winter season.

Molokai Museum

A fun and learning stop in Molokai has to be its well-renowned museum, Molokai Museum and Cultural Center. It’s star-studded with ancient Hawaiian culture and what was life like back then here. You will learn about their past 150-year history through the articles, short videos, and personal stories present there. Before leaving the site, don’t forget to make a quick stop and check out their gift shop, where you’ll find beautiful delicate crafts made by local artists.

Shopping on Molokai

Oahu is where you can spot some of the best shopping sites in Molokai. Their one of its kind items handcrafted by the salt of ‘Friendly Isle’ is truly fascinating. You can browse through shops in Maunaloa town for a quick tour of Molokai’s authentic coffee plantation. Chocolate and Macadamia nuts from there are a must take-way to your home.

Camping Molokai

With its extremely clean landscapes and abandoned beaches, ‘ The Most Hawaiian Isle’ is a perfect place for camping in Molokai. Their environment is simply perfect for building a tent and spending your night under a covering of stars! Hawaii State Park is a must-go if you’re planning to go camping Molokai.

Like any other island of Hawaii, Molokai has pleasant weather throughout the year. Tourists can come to witness the beauty during any season or any month of the year. Molokai is where you’ll find simplicity and peace. Away from the city life, replenish yourself here in the fresh breeze of Molokai Beach!

Molokai’s south corner is encircled by some of the best ancient fishponds on islands in Hawaii. Extending from the coastline to build up a protected pond, you can find Lava Rock Wall there. A gateway called Makaha would let small fish pave their way into the pond until they didn’t fit through the getaway when it used to be used. Aquaculture examples like these are what will make you spellbound under the beauty of Molokai! Don’t forget to fill up the application for ESTA; make sure you got everything covered.

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