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“Hamilton Musical Characters: Who Are They, What Is This Musical?”

Hamilton musical turned out to be a huge success because of its uniqueness and its characters. Lin-Manuel Miranda took a bold step in writing a musical about the founding fathers. Most times, it is difficult to capture an audience’s attention fully when telling historical stories, but that didn’t happen with Hamilton. If you have watched the live performance of Hamilton on Broadway or even seen the Disney+ film, you can attest to the fact that it will capture your full attention from the beginning to the end.

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Miranda really did a great job, especially with the characters. Each of the characters had exceptional, and the wonderful cast excellently represented them.

Hamilton is the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of America. The story tells us about Alexander’s determination to create a legacy for himself. He finally got the opportunity he needed to make his big break when he became the right-hand man of George Washington. Alexander found love along the line, he got married, became a father, and despite his untimely death, he created a legacy for himself.

Hamilton is a story about love, death, and legacy that its talented performers finely interpreted.

The Characters of Hamilton Musical

Miranda nicely put together the characters in Hamilton’s musical, and they turned out just fine. Here is a list of the characters, with their significant roles.

  • Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton is one of the founding fathers of America and the main character in Hamilton. Alexander had a rough childhood; he was a bastard child and later became an orphan. He had to put in lots of effort in his determination to become a great person. His efforts made off and he became an important person in America, got married, became a father but was unfortunately killed at the age of 45 in a duel.

  • Eliza Schuyler

Many have argued that Eliza is the main hero in the Hamilton musical. Eliza was a loving and devoted wife to Alexander Hamilton despite his betrayal by cheating on her. Like the loving wife she was, she forgave him. Eliza lost her first son to a duel and lost her husband the same way. After the death of her husband, Eliza made some positive impacts on Hamilton’s name to maintain his legacy. To some people, this character is the real hero in Hamilton.

  • Aaron Burr

Aaron had a love and hate relationship with Hamilton, and they were both friends and foes to each other. In the end, Aaron Burr ended up killing Hamilton in a duel. They are both intelligent, ambitious, and motivated, but they hardly agree on things. Hamilton was against the way Aaron handles things, so he counters him a lot. The height of everything for Aaron was when Hamilton supported Thomas Jefferson for president rather than him. Aaron became so angry and challenged Hamilton to a duel, where h killed him.

  • George Washington

George Washington was the first president of the United States of American and also a general during the American revolution. He made Hamilton his right-hand man and fully trusted him.

  • Angelica Schuyler

Angelica is the eldest daughter of Schuyler, a sister to the wife of Hamilton Eliza. She was an intelligent and beautiful lady. Angelica noticed Hamilton first before her sister Eliza and even fell in love with him but couldn’t marry as her parents expected her to marry a wealthier man. So instead of going for him, she introduces Hamilton to Eliza but still harbors a love for him in her heart.

  • Thomas Jefferson

Thomas was once a friend to Hamilton but later became a foe because he always opposed Hamilton on political issues. He became the first secretary of state when they returned from France after the war. He found out about Hamilton’s affair in his quest to dig out dirt about Hamilton to reduce his importance. Thomas threatened Hamilton that he was going to go public with his findings of the affair, but Hamilton decided to admit his adulterous act publicly before words got out. This completely ruined any chance Alexander Hamilton had of being the president of America someday. Finally, Thomas became the president of America after John Adams, and the funny thing is that Hamilton endorsed him.

  • Charles Lee

Charles Lee is a general who fights for the colonist and was chosen by George Washington to handle a command post rather than Hamilton.

  • James Maddison

James Maddison was once a friend to Hamilton but later joined Thomas Jefferson in his mission to bring Hamilton down because he felt Hamilton handled matters the wrong way.

  • Philip Hamilton

Philip is the first son of Eliza and Hamilton, who tried to emulate his dad’s footsteps. He was as brilliant as his father, but unfortunately, his life was short-lived as he died in a duel, defending his father’s honor.

  • John Laurens

Laurens was a good friend of Hamilton. He fought against slavery and created the first battalion that fought in the American Revolution as an exchange for freedom.

  • Hercules Mulligan

Mulligan is also a friend of Hamilton that was a tailor and later became a soldier.

  • King George iii

The king, the colonists are rebelling against that led to the American revolution.

  • George Packer

John packer is the man that kills Philip Hamilton dishonorably in a duel.

  • Peggy Schuyler

Peggy is the youngest sister of angelica and Eliza Schuyler.

  • Samuel Seabury

Seabury is a bishop who urges people to support the king and Great Britain but strongly opposed Hamilton. So it is safe to call him a foe to Hamilton.

Maria Reynold

Maria is a married woman and was Hamilton’s mistress.

  • Marquis De Lafayette

Lafayette is a friend of Hamilton that assisted in the American revolution. He is a French aristocrat and a military officer.

To summarize Hamilton’s musical, we can say that; it is a story of the determination and dream of a young man that later came to pass. Hamilton made a huge positive impact in history; he created the financial system of America and many other important things. He found love but betrayed the love by cheating on his wife; he lost a son along the line, had lots of foes, and at last, died at the hands of one of his foes in a duel.

Hamiltons musical has been referred to by many as history-making history.

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