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Everything You Need To Know About Yubo | 2022

Yubo is a social networking platform that French company TWELVE APP designed in 2015. Since then, it has been available on android and iOS devices. Yubois a unique social networking app because it is specially designed for teenagers under the age of 13 to 17. Yubo has around 50 million users worldwide and is available in 9 different interface languages. Unlike other apps, the security and safety features of the Yubo app make it very unique and trustworthy. The most important part of the app is the Livestream, which allows the user to create live videos with up to 10 friends. Yubo is not like many other social networking apps heavily influenced by likes and following, and users would do anything to increase their fan-following. Instead, it focuses on socializing where the users and fans can feel like a group in real life.


The Thiamin feature of the app is live streaming. The streamers can make a Livestream video with up to 10 streamers who they allow in their streams or invited. There are no limits to the number of viewers on streams. The viewers can filter the streams based on the genders, nationalities, the topic of interest, etc. various streams are going on every time on gaming, music, or fun. Streamers and viewers can interact while in streams with the messaging feature.

The app also supports Snapchat filters due to its partnership with Snapchat in December 2020. The Snapchat filters can be used directly in Yubo with all its features.As a gesture to the pride month in 2021, Yubo has included a new feature that lets the user decide among the 35 genders. The list for the gender option is compiled in collaboration with a British NGO, Mermaids.

You also have the feature to purchase the collectible art forms from notable artists of Pixels. Digital art is available under various moods, qualities, and personalities. The users can buy this art to make their collection and send it to their friends and families. Yubo has its currency as it does not rely on advertisement or sale of personal data, so the users do have the choice of transactions within the app. These Yubucks can be purchased in different deals from Yubo stores.

Yubo also allows users to share their interests in the form of a tag and their names. In this way, users can quickly know the preferences of their friends. These tags can be movies, games, anime, sports, TV shows, books, anime, etc. It also helps find people with the same interests.

Yubo offers two different community platforms. The one is the platform with the age criteria above 18, and the rules and regulations in this platform are a little flexible. The other is the platform for teenagers between ages 13 to 17, and it has many safety and security features. The user can only interact with their community users due to safety reasons of child security and safety issues. Yubo is also stringent in account verification. The app is partnered with Yoti to estimate age based on facial analysis accurately. It helps them to block the account of underage users. The app also scans Google with every photo uploaded during sign-up to identify that it is not taken from the internet. Yubo also examines every message to identify problems like blackmailing and cyberbullying. If the accounts are flagged as suspicious, they are put on a watchlist to check them closely. Yellow badges are marked on verified users’ accounts.


Yubo is an app designed especially for teenagers between the ages of 13 to 17 and is very strict regarding the safety and security of minors and adults. Yubo took various measures to implement its safety policies effectively. Yubo is in partnership with Yoti to estimate the age of the users on its platform using face estimation. This is to confirm that the users signing up for Yubo are under the safe age guidelines. Yubo safety has checked 22 million different accounts in this scheme, marked thousands of them as not wholly falling on the age guideline, and blocked them. You also use the google scan feature to check that the profiles that users are uploading are their own and not taken from the internet.

Yubo AI & Human Moderators

Safety organizations and law enforcement agencies have supported Yubo for constantly updating safety features that make the user safe from cyberbullying and explicit content. Yubo approaches its users with the help of AI and Human moderators to “engage and educate” them and automatically ban sexually explicit profiles and fake accounts.

Livestream Scanning

Yubo has many other safety and security features, such as Livestream scanning. In this feature, if the algorithm detects inappropriate activities on Livestream, it will be automatically blocked, or the moderator will approach the streamer to rectify the problem. This approach is praised by the independent report from the United Kingdom in February 2020.

Yubo also cares for the privacy of its users. For this purpose, it launched pop-up alerts to counter inappropriate requests in the chat messages in February 2021. In this feature, Yubo alerts the user of the dangers, risks, and issues when they share their personal information such as their phone number, address, location, or photos with some other users. Yubo sends them pop-up messages alerting them and asking them to send this information. Yubo also incorporates a muted word feature. In this feature, the user can mute a specific word, emoji, or abbreviation that they find abusive or offensive. Users can mute these particular words or emojis from a specific user or list. They can also choose to remove those words from messages sent by anyone, not in their friend list. In this way, they will no longer see these words that appear in their chatbox.


Yubo is an app that was launched in 2015 by a French company. Yubo is very strict about the safety of its users, especially users between the ages of 13 and 17. Yubo has implemented many safety features to ensure the security and privacy of the users. For this purpose, they use face detection technology to estimate actual age so no one can lie about the period. They also use google scan, so users only upload their original pictures. It uses constantly updating anti-bullying measures, keeps a close eye on the content of the users they share, and blocks explicit or inappropriate content. It also uses a pop-up alert when a user is about to share their personal information. The users can block specific messages, emojis, or sentences from their letters that they find abusive or offensive.


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