Design trends around the world

Interior design is a hobby and a job that’s increased in popularity over recent years. Many of us are fascinated by the intricacies and patterns that make up a beautifully made-up space. Interior design trends often vary within the UK and have the ability to change with the seasons. However, we’re often short-sited and only look at designs close to home.

Across the world, interior designers work tirelessly to create stunning visions for their clients, all based upon trends local to them. So, it begs the question, if we branched out and studied design trends from around the world, would our eyes be opened to more incredible design? Hammonds, the fitted furniture specialist, delved into living room interiors from around the world. Here are some ideas from their research to inspire your own home design.


Moroccan interior design blends drama and elegance to create a world of exotic style. Minimalism isn’t an option in Morocco as they substitute subtle for bold. You’ll often find greenery, patterned tiles, and flowing fabric in Moroccan interior design as they’re never afraid to mix and match.

Ornate wood is at the heart of Moroccan interior design and, it’s the material of choice for most chairs, tables, and other home furnishings. Finally, Morocco is the place to go for unique, decorative rugs. With wild patterns that bring joy to any room, their rugs and upholstery are in a league of their own.


In contrast to the bold Moroccan designs, the Japanese are all about clean lines and functionality. There is a large focus on light, cleanliness, and wood in Japan, ensuring everything they place in their home looks good and has a purpose. Fitted wardrobes, hidden cabinets, and sleek chairs are all staple parts of Japanese interior design.

Nature is a huge influence in Japan, so you’ll always find greenery both inside and outside the house. If you don’t want the maintenance of real plants – opt for fake ones, that way you’ll get the Japanese feel without any added stress.


French interior design is all about royalty, elegance, and rich colours. French designers don’t hold back instead, they add more! Think large chandeliers, draping fabrics, and intricate details. The French charm comes from effortless finishing touches. They have a wonderful way of placing décor in their rooms and making them look natural.

French interior design is deep rooting in not following trends. They believe that trends come and go, so you’re better off trusting your style and, it’ll always be in fashion.


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