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Common Personal Injury Claims in Houston and the Importance of Hiring a Lawyer

With a population of more than 2.2 million, it’s not surprising that a substantial number of people succumb to accidents and injuries in Houston. While these types of incidents can happen anywhere, densely populated areas and bustling urban landscapes tend to mean accidents occur with alarming regularity.


Following an accident, it’s often possible to obtain financial compensation by making a personal injury claim, but what types of claims are most common and how do you go about taking legal action? Take a look at these common personal injury claims now and find out how a Houston injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve:

1. Car Accidents

More than 400,000 people sustained injuries due to road traffic accidents in Houston in a single year, which highlights the frequency of vehicular collisions on local roads. As you might expect, a significant proportion of these incidents result in personal injury claims.

2. Workplace Injuries

Recent statistics confirm that private industry employers in Texas reported 178,900 non-fatal, reportable workplace injuries in a 12-month period, with manufacturing, construction and agriculture sectors having particularly high incidence rates. While many employees are eligible to claim workers’ compensation, workers often find that they are able to obtain additional compensation by taking action against employers directly in cases of negligence.

3. Slips, Trips and Falls

These types of accidents can occur in any location at any time, which is one of the reasons they are behind a vast number of personal injury claims in Houston. If you slip on a wet floor in a store or you trip over torn carpeting in an office building, for example, the owners of the property may be liable for the injuries you sustain and you could obtain compensation by making a personal injury claim.

Do You Need to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Taking legal action after an accident might seem straightforward – but it rarely is! Working with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Houston not only increases your chances of obtaining compensation but it can make the process far less stressful too. For example, a personal injury attorney can assist you in numerous ways, such as:

Preparing Your Claim

As well as gathering evidence and proving liability and causation, you’ll need to meet a variety of procedural requirements for your claim to result in a compensation payment. The complexities of the legal system can be tricky to navigate but a specialist attorney will ensure your claim meets all relevant procedural requirements.

Confirming Liability

It’s easy to assume that someone is responsible for your injuries but proving legal liability is another thing entirely. With a team of professional personal injury attorneys on your side, you can rest assured that detailed investigations will be undertaken to confirm who is liable for your accident and, therefore, who is responsible for paying your compensation.

Negotiating a Settlement

Understanding how much your claim is worth requires detailed analysis, both legal and financial. The cost of your medical care, lost income and other expenses should be calculated and future related expenses should be incorporated into your claim too. With representation from Houston personal injury lawyers, you can ensure that you obtain a fair settlement at the earliest possible opportunity.

Claiming Compensation After an Accident

Although accidents aren’t uncommon in Houston and surrounding areas, people don’t always realize that they could be eligible to obtain compensation. By seeking legal advice, you can confirm whether you’re able to make a claim and, if so, how much compensation you could receive following an accident or injury that wasn’t your fault.

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