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A Newly Redesigned Website for the Bitcoin Revolution website

Well revered for its proprietary trading software, the Bitcoin Revolution website is only getting better with time. When the company first started, they had a sole focus on their automated trading software, with a specific focus on Bitcoin. Nowadays, their software is running fluidly, but their website requires an upgrade. The Bitcoin Revolution website has been working on expanding its market reach, and having a functional and decent-looking website is a big part of that in today’s world. This article will dive into some of the website’s specific changes.

Introducing a New Look

As you visit their site, you’re immediately greeted with an introductory video on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. From there, if you choose, you can quickly sign up with your name, email, and phone number. Their new website ensures that all information shared by clients is heavily encrypted, and they also have a thorough FAQ section to cover some of the most common questions from potential clients.

Previously, a lot of the information about the company’s trading software and the layout of their industry information was a bit scattered. Now the Bitcoin Revolution website has taken a much more simplified approach to reduce any potential confusion and improve the website’s overall navigation. The experience browsers have with a website’s user interface can leave either a positive or negative impression. In most cases, this impression is made within the first few seconds after loading the web page. 

The Technology, Results, and Reviews

After you’ve watched their introductory video, please scroll down to get more information on their auto-trading software, in addition to the possible results from using their product and information on reviews from their userbase. Instead of explaining the in-depth complexities of how their trading software works, they’ve simplified its step-by-step process for users to understand easily.

Suppose all of this isn’t convincing enough. In that case, you can scroll to the bottom and find the company’s ‘about us’ section and get more insight on the conception of the Bitcoin Revolution website and their passion for the cryptocurrency industry. Another added benefit to their redesign is their new note about potential risk in using their product in combination with the cryptocurrency market’s volatility.

More Ways to Stay in Touch

Before the redesign, you could only get in touch with the company via email, and considering their reasonably small team, response time was somewhat slow. Now, you can easily access their social media on the front page of their site. Whether you’d like to connect on social media or stay up to date with their new YouTube videos, there’s plenty of ways to stay up to date with the Bitcoin Revolution website. 

As you continue reading through their website, they explain how their auto trading bot works and how you can optimize its performance for the best returns. The company understands the importance of concise information with simplicity and a smooth UI experience. So far, the website’s new updates seem to satisfy each of these points. It’s clear the team behind this stellar software is also paying attention to their users’ feedback and concerns, as they’ve been adapting quickly to much-needed changes. 

More Than One Benefit For Users

The Bitcoin Revolution website has proved they won’t shy away from innovation, but that doesn’t mean they plan to stop at the redesign. As the company has seen a recent incline in their user base due to the new appeal of their website, they’re starting to look at adding additional customer support for their clients and optimizing their trading bot’s performance. Below I’ve listed some of their newly listed features from the redesigned website. 

Newly Listed Features

  • Use the auto trading bot for other top cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin
  • The system language and interface is built for new and experienced users
  • The Bitcoin Revolution website doesn’t charge any commission or brokerage fees
  • Over 99% of their transactions are successful using the auto trading software
  • The bot can get to trading with just an initial deposit of $250 with zero hidden fees or requirements.

In Closing

The new redesign to the Bitcoin Revolution website has done wonders for new and existing users of the platform. Their proprietary software has brought success to many, and considering it’s getting better with each update, the Bitcoin Revolution website should continue to do well. The redesign has garnered the company more positive reviews than ever and a healthier relationship between company and client.

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