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9 Benefits Of Video Marketing For Growing Businesses

Video marketing is not just for making entertaining YouTube videos. Businesses are jumping on the video bandwagon to better connect with their customers. It’s not just about entertainment or branding. There are numerous benefits of video marketing that companies are releasing now. This blog will highlight some of those benefits which might help your business too.

What do statistics say?

As marketers, we know videos are essential so much so that 54% of consumers would rather watch branded video content than read about it. And   who create video content do so thoroughly rather than skimming over the information, and videos will represent 82% of all internet traffic by 2021. As a marketer, you can’t afford to ignore this!

9 benefits of video marketing:

You can use a video maker to create stunning videos. The benefits of video marketing go a long way; from promoting your brand to getting new clients. Learn about nine benefits associated with video marketing.

  1. Videos are watched all the time: Whether at work or play, people are watching more video content. Video is fast-growing. And it’s relevant because people are intent on searching for videos that tell them exactly what they want to know when they want it. YouTube is the second largest search engine globally – right after Google! Over a billion YouTube users use the platform to watch more than 1 billion hours of video per day every month! Sounds crazy, but true!
  2. Video complements marketing strategies: It’s a great idea to market one’s business via video because it can brilliantly complement an existing marketing strategy. If you have been blogging, why not convert those blogs into videos? And if your blog happens to include helpful how-to videos as opposed to text-based content, why not post those as well? In addition to providing more opportunities for viewers to engage with your brand and interact with other consumers actively, video can create a greater sense of urgency among visitors who may potentially be interested in the information being conveyed.
  3. Google quickly finds optimised videos: It’s important that you use videos to drive more traffic to your landing page as Google takes the help of relevant videos to find the popularity and authenticity of your website contents. It might be difficult at first to get used to all these tactics (you may not even understand what they mean!). Still, create engaging content that is informative. All your troubles will pay off because people will share your awesome content with even more people.
  4. Show product videos: Product videos can help your company innovate and attract new customers. With a , potential customers will be given hands-on experience to learn about the features of the product or services you’re offering. Not only that video also equips your brand to stand out in the customers’ minds as an innovative one!
  5. Using video shows you’re keeping up with the times: By choosing to use video for marketing, you demonstrate that your company is evolving. Your customers appreciate it when they see you remain 100% relevant in terms of your ongoing use of modern technology.
  6. Using video in your marketing efforts boosts interest in your products: The rise in popularity of using video in your marketing strategy is quite frankly amazing. More and more people prefer to learn and be entertained by YouTube videos. This trend has seriously impacted the way consumers shop online too because youtube videos, including product reviews and demos, become popular quickly. Small business owners need to know this because nearly 50% of people on the internet will search for videos that will show them how a product works before purchasing it.
  7. Live video is more popular than ever before: If you know how to do it well, there are many benefits for you as a brand or business. One of the significant benefits of is that it encourages people to engage with your content and comment on them. People love seeing real engagement from others. This personal interaction helps build a strong relationship with your viewers, making them more likely to be interested in your products and services! Unlike the editing capabilities of pre-recorded content, live photo content will excite your audience while helping you connect with them through face-to-face encounters. Since people will notice when someone interacts with their content, they’ll inevitably be more inclined to engage with yours in turn. Seriously, likes don’t lie!
  8. Capitalise on video marketing to gain further advantages in your industry: Video marketing has become one of, if not the best, ways to communicate your businesses message. Video content is rapidly becoming a necessity for brands, whether on YouTube or embedded on their website. And the statistics prove that fact. The latest State of Inbound Report revealed that creating how-to and product videos was only a top priority for 26% of marketers. While it’s positive to see that video marketing is an increasingly strategic priority, there are many other digital strategies businesses are currently pursuing, according to the report. And with this data in hand, we can get an idea about where modern consumers interact online most frequently to develop/expand upon your brand messaging.
  9. Video marketing is constantly evolving with new technology: For example, digital video cameras are now inexpensive, making it cheaper to produce videos. Shooting the video is also much easier and more convenient than it used to be.


Video marketing is a powerful tool for growing businesses. We have listed and discussed nine benefits of video marketing in this blog. We hope you have enjoyed the content and found it useful.


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