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8 Educational Events in Texas to Check Out This Fall

Conferences are as important for educators as extracurriculars are for students. The latter are heavily encouraged to take part in various activities, but the associated costs and time expenses are rarely taken into account. As a result, many students have to sacrifice time allocated for assignments and bear extra costs just to attend a meeting.

Today, one can easily resolve this dilemma. They can save money and time by attending extracurriculars online. At the same time, a reliable coursework writing service like EssayPro is always there to have their back when they need any writing assistance. Education is being made easier; you just need to learn to take advantage of it.

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Texas has always been a perfect place for various educational conferences and events. This is probably due to a high concentration of educational institutions. Every third young person in the state is a student or an educator here, so it makes sense that such events are quite popular.

When the pandemic struck, lots of conferences and events moved online. Obviously, the online format cannot substitute the atmosphere at offline meetings. The real-life format has its benefits, and that’s why today, many of them are brought back and take place on the basis of Texas educational institutions.

At the same time, Zoom events have their advantages and are still popular. They can accommodate more people from all around the world. One often doesn’t have to pay to get to the venue. On the contrary, the event is likely to be easy to access and free of charge if you register beforehand. Despite all limitations and constraints, online events are quite interesting and worth attending.

Event participation for teachers means qualitative professional development and growth. If you are an educator and you are open to new events and opportunities and you are in Texas (or not), here is the list of events this fall that you might find interesting to attend.

Educational Leadership and Policy Open House

The University of Texas at Austin hosts an exciting online event aimed to develop leadership qualities in prospective students and educational leaders. This event is useful for people interested in building their careers with the Educational Leadership and Policy faculty. Also, this is a great opportunity to discuss aspirations and goals that future leaders have.

The online event is available to registered members via Zoom link. It will take place on October 13 at 5 pm CST. You can learn more about it on the official website of the University of Texas at Austin.

Texas Education Open House

If you miss your teachers and peers and are looking for an opportunity to connect offline again, the College of Education of the University of Texas offers such an opportunity. All you need to do is to register for an Open House event and arrive at George 1 Sanchez Building on October 15 at 2:30 pm.

The atmosphere of this event will definitely bring you back to pre-pandemic times. You can enjoy music, food, and real-life communication with your colleagues and friends for the first time in two years.

Future School Leaders Network (FSLN) 2nd Annual Legacy Leadership Luncheon

If you are going to become a teacher and want to know more about the challenges of the profession, this luncheon is a perfect place to attend.

It will take place offline in Dallas, TX, on November 13. To register, you need to pay a fee that is non-refundable. Nevertheless, you’ll get a chance to meet over 140 attendees and network with them.

This event is also especially interesting for educational leaders who already work in the field. It provides a chance to celebrate each other’s achievements and honor each other’s success.

Texas Education Conference

This fall MPI Texas Hill Country hosts an incredible conference for educators and industry leaders. Active students are also welcome. This event was moved from 2020 to 2021 because of COVID restrictions. This year, however, this educational event promises to be the key event of the fall.

This is a great opportunity to network and find like-minded people who look for an opportunity to share their experiences. Obviously, the key topics in October are Education in the Post-COVID world and recent technological developments in the field.

2021 Annual Texas Art Education Association Conference

The Texas Art Education Association used to hold its meetings every year before the pandemic. This year it has dedicated all its efforts to making the November 4-6 conference come true. The event will take place at the new Kalahari Convention Center in Round Rock.

This fall, art educators will discuss the impact of COVID obstacles and online education on art. If you are interested in reviving offline art education or want to discuss new technological means of teaching art, this event is for you. The entrance fee is $10, but you also need to book a room in the resort if needed.

2021 Texas Assessment Conference

Another educational conference that will take place at the Kalahari Resort and Conference center a few days earlier is called the Texas Assessment Conference. It’s a statewide event for all educators and academic staff involved in assessment, accountability, and testing in education.

It serves those looking to improve their knowledge of best practices in schools. Representatives of schools, colleges, and universities get a chance to find out about the most recent changes from policymakers and state agencies.

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TCCA 2021

Another interesting event to attend offline is EdTech & Curriculum Conference in Houston. It will take place at Davis High School on October 30. This conference is dedicated to building a community of teachers who look for new opportunities for students.

If you want to improve curriculum and technology to meet modern student needs, this conference is for you. TCCA creative presenters will try to cover most of the topics needed to empower teachers. Tickets cost up to $75 with no refund.

ACET Fall Virtual Conference

This conference also deserves a place on our list. Even though it’s virtual, it’s held by the Association for Compensatory Educators of Texas. The goal of the meeting is to facilitate retirement for teachers and ensure their achievements are recognized. Members of ACET are dedicated to making sure the process of retirement is more comfortable and less stressful.

To attend a conference, one needs to register and review the conference agenda. If you are interested or know anybody who might be interested in retiring, share the news about this conference. Every teachers’ accomplishments should be recognized.


Professional growth and development are impossible without communication and idea exchange. Educators know this and look for opportunities to expand their horizons by discussing trends together. Fortunately, vaccines have given us hope that educational cooperation and events may recover from the long COVID break they took.

The US is the world’s leader in education. That’s why bringing educational events back is essential for the industry to thrive. Offline educational events are slowly returning to teachers’ calendars. Texas, for example, is leading in terms of the number of ed events planned this Fall. The state has already offered lots of different opportunities for educators to network. Many more are yet to come. Also, there are a few virtual conferences that are worth mentioning in this context.

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