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7 Entry-Level Resume Tips

An entry-level resume is an option for those who just graduated from college or do not have much experience in a particular industry. It is often much harder for them to craft a winning resume as it takes some expertise to present key skills and experiences in the right way.

But do not worry; it is still completely possible to impress a recruiter even if you do not have extensive experience in the field. And if you feel like you need expert help, there is always the top cv writing service on Skillhub out there. There one can get career advice, assistance in the preparation of a resume and cover letter, as well as other necessary things to get more interviews. Meanwhile, you can arm yourself with these helpful tips on writing an entry-level resume.

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Choose the Right Format

Format or layout is one of the essential things in the hiring process. Because if it is unreadable or unprofessional, it will turn the attention right away. No hiring manager has time to get through incomprehensive fonts or chaotic layouts.

So here is what you need to do:

  • Keep it up to one page, no more;
  • Have clear sections like experience, education, skills, certifications;
  • Use professional and neutral fonts;
  • Have some white spacing between paragraphs; do not cram everything in;
  • Opt for reverse-chronological order, so the most relevant accomplishments and experiences come first;
  • Add headings to sections.

And, of course, always check the spelling and grammar. There is nothing worse than showing the lack of commitment and attention right from the application.

Write a Resume Objective

There are two options there, a resume summary and an objective. A summary is great for those who have experience in the field. But for beginner applications, an objective is better. It emphasizes your goals.

And you can actually combine the two. For example:

“Motivated computer specialist looking forward to proving skills in coding, debugging, and meetings the team needs in the implementation of best practices in web development. Worked as a freelance web developer and created an eCommerce website for X with SEO optimization leading to 50% increase in organic traffic”.

Showcase Relevant Experience

Do not be intimidated by the postings that expect 1-2 years of work experience. You can still apply to them because the posting describes the ideal candidate. In many cases, employers are ready to compromise if you grab their attention.

But what if I do not have relevant work experience? Well, that is probably not exactly the truth.

One can list the following things in this section:

  • Jobs and side gigs in unrelated fields but with the emphasis on how they work for this position. Even if you worked as a waiter but developed an online menu, it is a presentation of your skills in technology;
  • Freelancing and small projects go as well. Helped the college department to debug the website? Worked as a freelance web developer? Created your own website? All of that counts;
  • Volunteering and internships;
  • College projects or assignments that have to do with the industry;
  • Anything that took you a couple of hours but is worth mentioning will do.

And, of course, one can get some experience before starting a job search if it is possible.

Expand on Education

The education section in a job application for entry-level positions can be much wider than usual. A lot of beginning job seekers neglect the opportunity to showcase their knowledge. But it is a great way to impress a laborer and add relevant keywords in.

Start with the school, years, and degree. After that, you can add bullet points to expand on what knowledge you have acquired. For instance:

  • Excelled in programming coursework;
  • An active member of student technology association;
  • Received a scholarship for computer programming;
  • Published 3 scientific articles on advanced cyber security measures in the eCommerce industry.

If your GPAs are impressive, it is worth mentioning them as well. All the relevant projects, courses, accomplishments, and articles published can help you land the job of your dreams. Or at least land an interview.

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Focus on Skills

Any career advice expert will tell beginners one thing – do not just randomly put in all the skills you’ve found online as a bullet list. Especially when it comes to hard skills. The better option is to expand on each skill with some experience or measurable proof.

For example, not just “leadership” but “leadership: I was a president of the debate club, managed the college paper’s scientific department.” Or instead of “communication,” write “communication skills: I worked at customer service with 95% satisfaction.”

Another tip on getting a recruiter’s attention and beating an ATS system is to use keywords from the job posting. Look at what skills are listed there and put in the ones that are true to you.

List Certifications

If you have any professional certifications, it is great. If it is directly linked to the position, list it right below the name. If it is somewhat relevant, make a section for certifications or add them to education.

Please put them in order of importance for this company. Consider not listing those that have nothing to do with this application.

How to Fill In Other Sections

To prove your qualification, you can also add other sections, such as:

  • Membership in professional societies and organizations;
  • Conferences attended;
  • Specific technologies or hard skills you know;
  • Any awards that have to do with the application;
  • Additional activities if they are relevant (hosting a podcast on cyber security, having a blog on time management).

Extra Tips

Here are some other tips that will help one to create a bot-beating resume and get a fast response from recruiters:

  • Use professional-looking email address;
  • Add LinkedIn profile to the contacts;
  • Use keywords for the posting to beat ATS bots;
  • Insert industry-specific language;

Only include credible information.

In Summary

Starting a career is always challenging as one doesn’t know all the intricacies of the hiring process. It all begins with an excellent application with all the necessary documents. Make sure you craft the resume up to a specific position, use essential keywords, and format it in the best way. 

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