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6 Popular Music Instruments That Are Fun to Learn

Everyone loves music whether they are listening to a song or playing different instruments. People all around the world love to connect themselves with music in different ways because it can stimulate a wide range of emotions. Music has the power to change the way you think or feel as it improves and strengthens brain functions.

Millions of people hone the art of using different musical instruments as it gives them a medium to express their creativity. Playing an instrument has many advantages whether you are a child or an adult because it can be one of the most rewarding things you can do in life. Today musicians are recognised in every aspect of life, for instance the recent half-time show at the SuperBowl had deaf musicians for the first time.

Some people prefer to play an instrument or create or compose music as a hobby, while others may even turn their talent into a career. Now if you are passionate about music and you are searching for some exciting instruments out there. Here are some of the most popular types of musical instruments that you can consider


One of the most common types of instruments that you will find everywhere is the piano or keyboard which is simply fun to play. This instrument is very common amongst children or students as it allows them to develop concentration, improve motor skills, and even enhance their memory.

A keyboard or piano is designed to create a range of harmonizing tones with minimal complex sound synthesis. A keyboard is considered a modern piano because it creates music electronically and offers lighter keys compared to the traditional piano. Today you can use a keyboard to play all sorts of music such as jazz, classical, folk, techno, funk, soul, and so on.

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Classical Guitar

Being one of the most played instruments in the world, the guitar is something that you will enjoy playing anytime anywhere. This instrument consists of 6 strings however advanced guitarists may even use upto eighteen strings. The sound projected by this classic or acoustic guitar is soothing and complements other musical instruments eloquently. This even sounds wonderful when it is played solo and is quite easy to master.

Similar to the benefits of the keyboard, the guitar too improves motor skills, concentration, and hand-eye coordination. The guitar comes in different shapes, sizes, and even styles so once you hone your acoustic skills it will also open doors to other guitar styles such as electric, bass, ukulele, and so on. If you are looking make the most of your holidays as students, a music instrument can be a great companion.


Playing drums is one of the most fun instruments that you could choose because it may not be as complex as it seems. Being one of the main instruments that play a vital role in multiple genres the rich rhythm sound is produced to set the tempo of every set. The beauty of learning the drums is that it offers several advantages like regulating mood, boosting confidence, relieving stress, and so much more.

Learning to play the drums does not necessarily mean that you need to bang around your drum set but it is about understanding musical discipline that complements other instruments. Just like any other instrument the best way to master your skills is by practicing daily.

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Electric Guitar

Amongst the many types of guitars, the electric guitar is one strong instrument that is used in many music styles and genres. So whether you are into rock, jazz, pop, or even country you can easily play this exciting instrument. Now if you have learned the classical guitar, you will find this guitar even easier to play. But even if you are a novice musician you will find this much easier because it allows individuals to explore different ways of playing the guitar which are pickups, finger styles, or regular strumming.

When you learn to play an instrument it will eliminate the struggle phase and encourage you to advance more efficiently. Now with this type of guitar, you will also require a guitar pedal that provides different effects. These effects are critical to the instruments and make it convenient for guitarists to play different styles. If you are interested in learning, here are some tips to playing the electric guitar that will help improve your skills.


When you talk about the violin we often relate it to classical music. While it may be a popular classical instrument, it can be used in several other categories too such as jazz, country, folk, and even metal music. It is very easy to learn the basics of a violin and ideal for young kids who are in search of a musical instrument to learn.

There are several types of violins out there that can work great for you. In any case, you need to have great upper body strength as you need to maintain a precise posture and balance that will enable you to play this instrument effectively. When you learn to play the violin you will be able to multitask with ease as your coordination and musical discipline will increase as well.

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If you are searching for a woodwind instrument then the recorder is the perfect choice to start with. Compared to flute, saxophone, or even the clarinet, it is one of the easiest musical instruments you can master. This instrument provides a soothing and melodic sound that is quite pleasing when played solo or with other classical instruments.

Some musicians even call it a cheap alternative to advanced instruments like the flute but it will help learn other woodwind instruments with ease. When you learn to play the recorder you will be able to understand different music concepts like tempo and pitch which is a must in woodwind instruments. Recorders are often made with plastic or wood that comes in different pitch ranges such as alto, soprano, and tenor.

Final Thoughts

Learning to play an instrument is rewarding and it offers numerous benefits. Whether you choose to play the aforementioned or any other musical instrument you must find an experienced trainer who can guide you with the several tips and tricks that will help you learn your desired instruments easily. If you are interested in making music a career more than a hobby, learn how to take your skills to the next level and create some inspiring music.


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