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6 Easy Steps on How to Write a Perfect Essay

Some students are born writers. They love working with words and essays; however, some students still find it challenging to enhance their writing skills and struggle to take time out for lengthy tasks. Here are six easy steps to write a perfect piece and get a good grade.

Plan Your Essay

Planning is a crucial step when you start working on an essay. If you don’t adequately plan your writing, it can appear to be deflated and uninteresting. Creating a clear step-by-step structure for your future essay is a major first step to completing it. Professional writers at https://www.customessaymeister.com/ have made outlining every assignment a part of their usual working process. A well-crafted outline helps you get in that writing flow later since you have everything planned out. Planning helps one organize different parts of an article while keeping everything in the content relevant. You have to determine the number of paragraphs you want and which format you would like to follow while writing the paper. Here are a few ways to plan an essay properly:

  • Conduct research. Make sure you check all relevant sources and take out recent data and information on the topic you have chosen for the essay;
  • Now it’s time to organize the research. Take a look at all your notes and reorganize everything that fits together perfectly. All the information that helps explain a single point should be together; otherwise, there is a risk of repetition;
  • Next, you should structure the gathered data and start relating it to the practical theory you have at hand to support the topic;
  • Make sure the topic sentences come before anything else in each paragraph. Don’t write long; unorganized sentences can confuse the readers.

You can go to a perfect essay writing service to get help with your essay if it gets too much for you and you don’t understand how to approach the essay. Even if you’re short on time, you can find these services online to get you through this arduous task.

Choose The Right Topic

If you go for an uninteresting and bland topic, your ship will sink. Make sure you know the subject inside out before you go for it unless, of course, your teacher binds you to a specific one. If you don’t find a topic engaging yourself, there is no way you can write enough on it and make it valuable. To report a perfect essay, you must have a topic you believe in, a topic with plenty of information, and the one that helps you showcase your writing skills.

Here are a few things you have to consider before you get started with a topic:

  • Shortlist all exciting topics that you find and go for the one with the most information;
  • Choose a topic that the audience can relate to instead of going for an ancient matter with ancient data;
  • Go for a topic that is relevant to your field of study directly; otherwise, writing on it is a waste of time, and your teacher might disapprove of it;
  • Make sure you have some knowledge of the topic as well instead of entirely relying on previous data.

Create a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement condenses everything in the essay and combines it with the central theme of your writing. It is essential because readers don’t realize but subconsciously look for a thesis statement in the beginning, to understand what the passage holds ahead. Skipping a thesis statement will leave your essay incomplete. It is the most crucial sentence in the entire piece.

Make sure you write the statement in the introductory paragraph; you will have to restate it and paraphrase it in the conclusion. The biggest tip is to ensure you don’t write a thesis statement before the rest of your essay is complete. Many students deviate from the thesis statement while preparing a written piece, and if they have a prewritten thesis, it becomes irrelevant. You can get essay help online, too, if you struggle with your thesis statement. So, don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

Make an Outline

If you want to write a perfect essay fast, you need to make sure you have an outline to follow. Of course, you can skip this step, but you will waste a lot of time without it. An outline helps you organize information and use it in specific parts instead of dispersing it throughout the writing, making it confusing.

For a standard paper, the outline contains three main components:

  • Introductory paragraph;
  • Body paragraphs;

Make sure there are at least three body paragraphs to allow you to have a detailed discussion and support your stance. Readers look for value and information, not vague content. If your writing is too short, you will lose your grade. Use this outline as a guide or a pathway to write.

Begin with The Body

Better than working on the introduction or conclusion first, you should work on your body paragraphs first. That way, you can include all the details first. Write everything you want, organize it, cut out irrelevant information, add value to the content, and maintain a high-quality paper. It is an uncommon one in writing tips, but it is the most sensible one. That way, you will know what to write in your paper’s introduction and conclusion without any unnecessary deviation. Introduce a new idea in each body paragraph and explain your point well. Remember that too many thoughts in a single paragraph repel readers. Try to keep it relevant as much as possible and use in-text citations to support all your claims.

6 Easy Steps on How to Write a Perfect Essay

Proofread, Edit, and Write Conclusion

If you want to learn how to write a perfect essay, you need to understand that proofreading and editing are essential. So many students rush the writing and submit it without giving it a second look to eliminate errors. Proofreading will allow you to make last-minute changes and edit the paper efficiently. In addition, errors that you might have overlooked before, like grammar and spelling mistakes, can easily be edited by proofreading.

Writing a conclusion is no piece of cake. It requires you to summarize the entire passage into a few lines and add your stance to it, too, as you restate the thesis statement. Make sure you work and put effort into your conclusion because it will be the final impression of your task that you leave on the reader. They will remember it the longest. In many cases, professors leave the most marks for the conclusion, so don’t mess it up for yourself!


Now that you have gone over every step in detail, it’s time to implement these into your writing style to get you an A grade. Following these steps will help you prepare a perfect essay and save time too. So, without further ado, get on with your paper before the submission deadline approaches!

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