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5 Ways To Sharpen Your Mind

As we are in the midst of yet another lockdown, we may find ourselves losing some of our previous intellect due to a lack of motivation and shortened attention spans, due to many of us still being furloughed and unable to work as we usually would.

So, if this sounds like you, here are five potential ways for you to sharpen your mind so that you can begin to regain some of your previous sharpness and attentiveness lockdowns may have taken from you!

Online Courses

Since the pandemic, multiple online course providers such as Udemy and the Open University have begun to lower their prices – or even offer free courses. By involving yourself in a course, you could have the opportunity to study and learn a multitude of new knowledge and maybe even earn qualifications from it.

These courses may help you get into a consistent routine and gein to take charge of your education, as it’s never too late to learn something new.


With most of us having easy access to technology, there is an unlimited amount of gaming options that can allow all of us to access games that can prompt us to think and problem solve. Games involving strategy, patience, and even mathematics may help to engage your brain and allow you to sharpen your mind.

Even online slots games or similar gambling games like at Casinopick casino may allow you to develop both strategy and more efficient mathematical skills as you will be taking chances – where you may even earn something back from it!

Pick Up A New Hobby

As many of us reach adulthood, we begin to lose our hobbies due to both work and family commitments – yet with so much time indoors, you can take charge of this time and take on a hobby you’ve always wanted to.

Whether this be exercising, knitting, painting, blogging, or anything that pops into your head, there is an unlimited amount of hobbies you can engage in. You will be able to have fun, whilst learning a new skill and sharpening your mind.


Meditation is often associated with being able to clear your mind whilst relaxing your body in order to reach a state of peace and relaxation, which may benefit you in such stressful times.

With apps such as Headspace now offering free services, alongside other online resources, you can begin meditating by finding a platform that works for you and start integrating a small amount of time each day to clearing your head, before tackling the rest of your day.


With so much time now on our hands, reading can be both an excellent way to pass the time whilst also educating you on new topics, new language and even introducing you to exciting stories.

Reading is a beneficial tool that can allow you to relax with a book that suits your interests, as there is a book that will suit everyone, regardless of how frequently they like to read.

By implementing some of the mentioned tactics in your life, you may be able to sharpen your mind and help pass the time in a more constructive manner.

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