5 Vital Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

5 Vital Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

Getting into a car accident can be a highly stressful and overwhelming experience. While it is perfectly understandable for you to get flustered and give in to the urge to react impulsively, doing so will only compromise your chances of getting the compensation you rightfully deserve. It is important that you avoid doing anything that could further aggravate the situation. Here are five things you should refrain from doing following a vehicular accident.

Leaving the scene


One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to leave the scene of the accident. Not only is it morally wrong, but it is considered to be a crime in several states. No matter how minor the accident is, make sure to stay put until the police arrive. If possible, try to move the vehicles to the side of the road to prevent further accidents. Use this time to exchange relevant information with the other party and call your insurance company.

Not calling the police and 911

Regardless if it was only a minor fender bender, you are still required to call 911 or the local authorities. Not reporting a car accident can be classified as an offense in multiple states. Remember that calling 911 is in the best interest of everyone involved. If you plan to file a legal claim or lawsuit later on, you will need to have a police report, which only the local enforcement can furnish. If the police fail to show up, make sure to go to the nearest police station and file a police report yourself.

Not getting medical attention

Even if you think you were unscathed, it is still vital that you get checked and treated by a medical professional right away.  Some victims tend to underestimate their injuries, and some even shrug off the pain to avoid dealing with the accident’s aftermath. Remember that your body is still in shock after the collision, and the adrenaline might be keeping you from recognizing and feeling any discomfort. However, as time passes, the injuries you were brushing off can turn into something more serious. Make sure that you seek medical attention right away, so a doctor can examine you and document your injuries.

Not gathering evidence

Another vital mistake that you should avoid is not collecting evidence. If you are physically able, make sure to take as much footage as you can of the accident scene. You can do this while waiting for the authorities to arrive. Take several photos or videos of the damaged vehicles, road and weather conditions, and the nearby establishments. Talk to potential witnesses, and don’t forget to get their contact details. Get as much evidence as you can. However, if your injuries are severe, ask a good samaritan to take care of this task for you.


Not seeking legal assistance

Some victims make the mistake of handling the lawsuit on their own. They often think that the process is relatively simple and not worth spending their money to get legal representation. However, even minor cases can turn into complex ones, especially if several mistakes were committed during the initial stages of the case. To ensure that you receive the proper compensation you deserve, it is vital that you contact a reliable personal injury law firm immediately.

Knowing what to do in the aftermath of a vehicle collision can make all the difference in terms of getting the justice you deserve. Make sure to avoid these five common mistakes so that you can handle the situation properly and more efficiently.

Additionally, you want to ensure that your car insurance provides comprehensive accident coverage. Before choosing a plan, make sure that you compare car insurance policies and choose one that suits both your budget and your needs.


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