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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Pet Insurance Coverage

Getting a pet is one of the most exciting additions to your family. Whether you’ve had a pet before or are looking to find the perfect furry BFF to bring home with you, there’s a lot to learn. You may be filled with feelings of excitement and nervousness as you prepare to bring home your new pup or kitten.

But don’t panic! We’re here to show you the ropes so you can be an awesome pet parent and enjoy every second with your new member of the family.

Many pet owners overlook how much having a pet can cost. From dog food, toys, accessories, adding a pet onto your rent bill, not to mention annual check-ups, medical costs, and medical help when necessary, pets can cost a lot. Luckily, pet insurance is an easy way to prepare for these costs and minimize the damage to your bank account.

Let’s take a closer look at pet insurance, how it works, and a few surprising things you didn’t know about pet insurance coverage. Read on to learn more!

1. Some Pet Insurance Policies Cover Prevention

When looking for the best pet insurance policy for your pet, it’s important to consider what coverage you can get. Some plans offer different amounts and types of coverage.

One surprising thing you didn’t know about pet insurance coverage is that some policies offer coverage for disease prevention and general health support! Many popular pet insurance policies offer coverage only when your dog is in need of medical help. If your dog broke their leg, got sick, or swallowed a non-food item, pet insurance would kick in to help cover medical expenses.

However, some policies cover prevention and health support, too. This means, even when your dog isn’t in danger or health trouble, you can still receive help with costs related to prevention. When your dog is healthy, enjoy routine wellness care, preventative essentials, and more. Here are a few examples of prevention benefits some pet insurance policies offer:

  • Disease prevention with vaccines and regular testing
  • Testing for parasites, heartworms, hookworms and harmful infections
  • An annual check-up
  • Testing and prevention for ticks and fleas

2. Pet Insurance Covers the Little Things, Too

Another surprising thing you probably didn’t know about pet insurance is that it can help cover the little things, too. When you think of pet insurance, you likely think of coverage for serious conditions, accidents, and more serious conditions.

However, when you’re a pet parent, there is no such thing as a “little” or “big” thing. Every concern is important, so our pet insurance policies aim to treat them as such! No matter how big or small your concerns are, you can enjoy coverage under some pet insurance policies.

Pet insurance covers the little things, the big things, and everything in between. From ear infections, worm prevention, broken nails, allergy medications, and more. Pet insurance isn’t just for catastrophic the accidents. It’s for everyday life with your pet.

3. Some Policies May Cover Congenital or Hereditary Conditions

When it comes to insurance, many companies and policies don’t offer coverage for preexisting or conditions or conditions you were more susceptible for. However, some pet insurance policies offer coverage for congenital or hereditary conditions. This is especially important if you have a dog whose breed is more susceptible to a certain disease or condition.

Some pet insurance policies cover congenital or hereditary conditions like hip dysplasia, cherry eye, or Addison’s disease. Breeds like German Shepherds are more disposed to hip dysplasia, so finding a policy that will cover this condition is important.

4. Enjoy Alternative Therapies Under Your Insurance Coverage

As we learn more about the pharmaceutical industry, medication, and holistic health options, we learn more about how we can support health naturally. But, this doesn’t just apply to us humans. There are many ways to support our pet’s health with holistic, natural, alternative methods and therapies.

For instance, stem-cell therapy is being developed by veterinarians to treat a variety of diseases and conditions. Acupuncture can help dogs and cats relax, soothe pain, and stimulate certain nerves to perform certain processes. Prosthetics for animals are also becoming more popular.

Other alternative therapies include regenerative therapies, mobility devices, and therapeutic health support. While holistic alternatives are excellent and effective, they come at a cost, too. Finding a pet insurance policy that will help cover some of these costs is a great way to keep costs low while putting your pet’s needs first.

5. Most Plans Only Cover Dogs and Cats

The last thing you may not know about pet insurance is that most policies only offer insurance coverage and benefits dogs and cats. Dogs and cats are the most commonly owned pets in the United States. In fact, a whopping 48 million households in the United States have at least one dog, while 31 million households own at least one cat.

Some households also own other pets. These pets include fish, birds, exotic birds, reptiles, rabbits, poultry, hamsters, guinea pigs, and ferrets. There are some plans that will cover other animals and pets, but these are more difficult to come by. In general, most insurance plans only offer coverage for cats and dogs.

Pumpkin Pet Insurance Offers the Coverage Your Pets Need

The world of pet insurance can be challenging to navigate, not to mention adding a new dog or cat to your family. Luckily, we’re here to help. Pumpkin pet insurance offers coverage for when your pup is injured or in an accident, sick or ill, and even when they’re healthy! This means you can enjoy help with disease prevention, testing costs, and other essentials for preventative care.

With low premiums and the best coverage for your pet, you can help your furry BFFs stay happy and healthy. Plus, you can enjoy more time playing with them and less time worrying about your insurance coverage! With the coverage your pet needs, you can enjoy low costs and peace of mind.


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