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5 Reasons Why You Should Rethink Your IT in 2022

As we enter into a new year, many people will be evaluating their lives in different ways. This is a trend that businesses should also be doing, particularly in the realm of IT.IT is a rapidly changing beast that has become essential to the operation of most businesses around the world, therefore it is critical that business keep abreast of the IT trends each year.

TechQuarters, an IT support and managed service provider based in London, spoke to us about some of the key considerations around IT that businesses should be addressing as we start 2022.

  1. People want Remote IT Support

With flexible and remote working entering its second year of widespread utility, it is time that all businesses start acknowledging that workers want to have that choice available to the, and thus need to rethink their IT support. IT support or Managed IT Support Servicesisn’t something that can simply be repurposed for a new working scenario – it unfortunately needs to be tailored to the type of infrastructure a business has, and because remote and flexible working requires its own unique infrastructure, then we can definitely expect an uptick on demand for Remote IT support.

  1. People want Digital Transformation (and faster!)

Tying in with the previous point, more and more businesses are opting for permanent remote and/or flexible working scenarios; to achieve this, these businesses must undergo digital transformation to equip their business infrastructure with the technology to enable users to work independently from the business’ office. The demand for digital transformation has been kicked up a notch due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and so they are being implemented more rapidly by IT support and managed service providers. TechQuarters are a trusted London IT Support Company who have been helping businesses move to a more digital way of working and can attest to the benefits of doing so.

The increase in digital transformations happening means that any business that does not seriously consider it for their own organisation is at risk of falling behind the competition.

  1. People want (better) Cybersecurity

In 2021, cybersecurity was confirmed to be one of the top concerns for business all over the world; with cyber attacks becoming more and more common among all business, whether they are SMB or large enterprises, cybersecurity is set to remain one of the biggest factors in the minds of business owners when they think about the company’s IT strategy. Unfortunately, cyber threats are constantly changing, emerging, and becoming more sophisticated, and so it is crucial for businesses to find ways of keeping their IT security sharp and abreast of modern threats.

  1. People want Blockchain (and that doesn’t mean Bitcoin!)

There has been an almost nonstop buzz around blockchain technology, usually reserved for discussions around Bitcoin and other such cryptocurrencies – it is clear that mainstream business culture is quickly adapting to the idea of cryptocurrency, as can be seen by the number of larger players in the financial sector embracing the technology (although it is clearly the younger businesses who will capitalise on blockchain cryptocurrency the most.)

Blockchain technology has much wider reaching potential than most people are probably aware of, however. Blockchain has proven to lend better security to IoT devices than traditional security measures.

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