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5 Reasons Why Digital Hearing Aids Are Incredible 

Hearing loss is a problem that many people across America and the world have to live with. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 2 billion people will be struggling with a hearing problem or hearing loss by 2050. Major concerns have been highlighted around the staggering amount of not just older generations, but younger individuals who are also struggling with hearing conditions.

Hearing loss can be treated through hearing rehabilitation, but these procedures can be tedious and time-consuming. Thus, researchers and hearing professionals have created advanced hearing pieces, comprised of state-of-the-art technology and software.

The days of bulky, and heavy hearing aids are no more, as these pieces have become smaller, and a lot more progressive. Now, with substantial brands available on the market, thosehttps://www.health.com/health-reviews/hearing-aids/best-hearing-aids-review looking for the best product can easily consolidate with a professional to help find the best hearing aids for them.

But although advances have been forward-thinking, there are some things one needs to consider before making your purchase. Have a look at the below considerations before placing your order.


Cost is always on the mind of the economically-conscious shopper. Although many of us are looking for the most affordable product possible, one needs to also consider the quality thereof.

Some brands such as Audicus have hearing aids starting from $990 per pair. Prices can vary, and those looking to cough up a little more can expect to spend anything between $1,700 and $4,000 for high-end quality hearing aids. Of course, the price is mainly influenced by the features each has, and what it can do for the wearer.

The cost is more associated with what the user needs, rather than what they are willing to pay. It’s good to weigh out various options when shopping around. Getting back your hearing shouldn’t cost you all of your savings.

Feature Rich

As mentioned, these hearing aids are no longer just sound projectors. Advancements have allowed for better and more feature-rich hearing aids to come onto the market. Some digital hearing aids have better battery life, are compatible with smartphones, Bluetooth control, and are built a lot sturdier than previous editions.

Starkey hearing aids have been considered to be the most feature-rich aids on the market. Housing various capabilities, with remote access control, and rechargeable batteries. Another brand, Widex, has created hearing aids that manage tinnitus through sound therapy.

These hearing aids are no longer bulky, and heavy hearing pieces that require constant care and batter changes. Progressive innovations have brought to life products that can answer consumer needs.

Better built-in power

One contender who’s managed to get this right was Phonak who introduced a product that can switch between 20 channels and has around 4 customizable programs. When we’re talking about power, we’re not just looking at how long the battery can last, or the time it takes to charge.

Consider the number of channels each hearing piece can have, how easily you can change frequencies, or perhaps how you can adjust the sound according to your environment. Some pieces are designed for various settings such as indoor, or outdoor and users can switch to programs that can cancel out loud noises, which helps to reduce hearing strain.

Smartphone Compatibility

Nowadays we can do anything from our smartphones, and controlling your hearing aids from the comfort of your smartphone is one of the latest innovations that has swept through the industry. With the introduction of Bluetooth connectivity, hearing aids can now be connected with your smartphone, and you can control various features or settings.

More so, there are mobile apps specifically created for hearing aids, making it easier to manage hearing aid pieces. Customer services assistance is also just a few clicks away via supported apps. Connecting hearing aids and smartphones give wearers more control and versatility.

Size Matters

The size of these pieces will mainly be influenced by the severity of hearing difficulty. Smaller pieces such as Eargo, which is one of the smallest sets on the market, will be suitable for moderate hearing loss,  while Oticon is somewhat bigger, but is best for people struggling with severe hearing loss.

These pieces come in all shapes and sizes, and the size will vary on the number of features it can house within its casing, and also how severe hearing loss conditions are. Some people opt to make use of smaller pieces, mainly for aesthetic purposes, while other wearers simply want the best product to treat their hearing conditions.

Overall, consumers should consider how severe their hearing loss is before making a decision and should consolidate a professional beforehand.

The Takeaway

Digitalization has made it easier, and more convenient to obtain hearing aids, but also, has given back the power to those who have lost one of their most important senses. While millions of people may suffer from hearing loss, advancements in the industry have brought to life contemporary solutions. Hearing loss or hearing impairments are not to be treated lightly, and those suffering from a form of hearing loss should visit a professional, and seek assistance when choosing a pair of hearing aids.

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