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5 Green Features for Your Custom Home

Custom homes are taking a firm place in the world of modern construction. The opportunity to experiment with unique architectural design and sustainable options has captured the interest of many home buyers. With the shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle, many builders are interested in incorporating Green features into their projects.

Just a decade ago, many neighborhoods began to see the rise of solar-powered homes, which have now become standard. In time, many Green features will also become standard features in the world of new home construction.

When you compare electricity providers, you will find which companies are invested in helping their customers make eco-friendly choices when it comes to adding sustainable features to their homes. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the top Green features for your custom home.

Net Zero Homes

Through the innovative use of solar panels and battery banks, Net Zero homes have become a reality across the country. Over 5,000 homes are already using this unique Green method in their home. While collecting the energy of the sun with sophisticated solar panels and storing the energy in battery banks, a Net Zero home can have energy stored for use at any time. With the combination of sustainable architectural design and battery banks, more homes can go off the grid and create their own energy.

Health and Wellness Designs

Through education and more open discussion, people are becoming aware of the importance of good mental health. Where you live can have a huge impact on your quality of life. Many home designers are now taking a health and wellness approach to their custom homes. You can create a modern and healthy home using features like more natural light, a connection to nature, and high-quality air circulation.

Smart Thermostats

Your heating and cooling needs create a large portion of your energy costs. Finding ways to save on your energy bill can help you to decrease your overall carbon footprint. Smart thermostats are designed using artificial intelligence to help you set a customized heating and cooling program that meets all your needs. Your smart thermostat can be controlled remotely and will be able to anticipate your needs and take action over time.

Sustainable Materials

The process of building a home in the traditional way can have a large impact on the surrounding environment. Many custom home builders have embraced the process of sustainable construction to help reduce the overall footprint of a large project. Through the use of sustainable and recycled materials and using prefabricated units to help build a home, the construction process can become more eco-friendly.

Modular Construction

Many new homes are now constructed in pieces in a controlled environment as a modular system that can be put together on the building site. This method can reduce waste, eliminate much of the onsite environmental impact and improve the quality of the home.

If you are considering building your own home and want to incorporate some eco-friendly aspects, talk to your contractor about adding some of these Green features. Green construction is an important part of ensuring a safe and healthy future for your family and the planet.

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