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5 Best Essay Writing Websites By Students Version

An essay is a particular type of student work where the author expresses thoughts on a specific issue. Also, a quick scientific presentation should contain an analysis of the controversial situation and arguments supporting the ideas. Writing an essay requires extensive knowledge of the topic and study of relevant literature. Lack of time, understanding of the issue, or inability to correctly formulate your thoughts can become a severe obstacle to writing such a work. That’s why lots of students are seeking somewhere to order an essay.

If you enter a query into the search engine “write an essay for me,” you will see thousands of platforms ready to provide written assistance. However, you can trust not all of them since sometimes the authors are foreigners who do not understand anything about the structure of the essay. To make it easier for you to find a reliable writing company, we analyzed the market and found the top five websites with excellent student reviews. Thanks to a professional approach to work, thousands of students received their articles on time, without plagiarism, and with a perfectly thought-out structure. Let’s look at them in detail.


Bidforwriting.com is one of the largest platforms providing an essay writing service and empowering hundreds of linguists, editors, teachers, and scientists to work. Initially, the company consisted of several dozen students who completed their studies and were willing to help other students with writing difficulties. However, the platform later partnered with professional writers to provide an excellent place for anyone who needs academic help.

Here you can find an expert in any field: from literature to microbiology. Formalizing cooperation is simple – you find an expert and work with him directly, without intermediaries. Thanks to the feedback from students, the writer has a rating by which you can determine how reliable the expert is. At the same time, we note that the company strictly controls authors’ work and stops cooperation with those who have bad reviews. Thus, the platform reduces your chances get to a scammer.

What is the peculiarity of the platform? This online paper writing service works 24/7. At any time, when you realize that you need paper help, you can send a request. No matter how urgent your essay is, the writers will complete the assignments on time without losing quality. Another attractive feature is the low pricing policy – prices per 1-page essay start at $ 10.

The fourth thing we want to highlight is the diversity of writing. In addition to the fact that the authors work with all types of essays, they also consider your requirements. Authors never use templates, thus making your article unique. The experts are also well versed in citation styles to prevent unintentional plagiarism. Moreover, the writers can send you a plagiarism check report so you can see for yourself. Thanks to these features, the company has received thousands of letters of gratitude from students.


BiGrabmeessay.com is an advanced website that has written essays for over ten years. Their work experience allowed the company to think through everything to the smallest detail: from the pricing policy to the services’ uniqueness. The platform guarantees high quality of documents because they cooperate with Master’s and Ph.D. scientists. Experts know all about structuring, formatting, quoting, and plagiarism. Also, they know how to write touching stories when you have trouble expressing your feelings. This is evidenced by their examples of work and student reviews.

The company assures that it will complete every project detail by the student’s detailed writing instructions and requirements. Managers personally assign a writer to your assignment, as they are most well-known to the writing staff. Note that your writing assistant will be an expert in the relevant field of study to increase your chances of receiving appreciation and praise from your teacher. Agree, can there be anything better than the fact that your project will be dealt with by a scientist who has passed the same academic path as you and knows all the assignment’s complexities? It is the professional composition of the authors that attracts many students.

What else is unique about Grabmeessay.com? The platform has an anonymous online chat. You can directly communicate with the author, and no one will know who you are. The authors sign an agreement on non-disclosure of client data and transfer the rights to the document to you. The website also encrypts your data using modern tools – no hacker can steal your data. Regarding payment options, they are as broad as the range of services. The company provides the most reliable payment methods: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Grabmeessay.com is highly selective in the choice of writers.First, they check the documents confirming the presence of higher education. Then the author needs to pass the tasks on the knowledge of the subject and the test in English. After testing, managers conduct a personal interview and give the first order. Only 9% of writers make it to the end of the selection process and complete assignments on time. This way, you will be collaborating with literate and punctual writers. At the same time, prices for professional writing services are not high – from $ 11 per essay page.


Formattingessay.com differs from the platforms mentioned above in that it focuses on formatting articles. According to the company, writing an essay is half the battle. It is essential not to forget about the instructions and rules that educational institutions put forward. Some of them can be simple – others are complex and incomprehensible. When you have difficulty with the correct paragraphing, quotation, or heading distribution, Formattingessay.com experts will come to your aid. The platform works with all formats: APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.

The company’s team consists of experts with multiple degrees and vast writing experience. They have done a lot of work in various styles and formats. If your deadlines are nearing, you can save time by using formatting services instead of going through the style guides for a long time.

What else is Formattingessay.com famous for? First of all, affordable prices. The company has developed the most affordable pricing policy on the market for similar services – $ 10 per page of the essay. At the same time, they have no hidden commissions. The support service works 24/7 – you can contact them by phone, online chat, or write by email. The company provides secure transactions in cooperation with Visa and MasterCard. Students also appreciate the platform for its 100% guarantee of anonymity because the website does not require any personal information. All you have to do is say, “help me with my essay,” and submit the requirements.


Edusharky.com is another multi-year platform that supports students and provides the academic help they need. The platform insanely values ​​its customers and always responds to their comments. Thanks to student feedback, the company optimized creating papers so that experts always met all requirements. Hence, when partnering with Edusharky.com, your satisfaction will be their priority.

What makes Edusharky.com different from other writing platforms? Only you decide who will be the author of your essay. The company provides a list of the best writers based on their education, experience, and a number of completed orders – you can choose the most suitable candidate. You will also be able to communicate directly with the author, monitor the progress of the writing assignment and, if needed, make edits until the article is perfect.

In addition, the company provides freedom in price. You can set the project’s cost yourself or negotiate discounts with the author. Please note that the authors can advise which of the project parameters affect the price – you can change the requirements, thereby reducing the cost of the paper. There is no clear pricing policy, but judging by customer reviews, the services of professional authors did not exceed their weekly costs.

If you doubt the author’s competence, you can read honest student reviews about cooperation with this or that expert. As you can see, Edusharky.com does not embellish the platform’s capabilities and does everything possible so that you can objectively assess the abilities of the writer. Students also appreciate the company because the platform is available 24/7, delivers documents on time, and provides free editing services.


Check-my-grammar.com is a website that can enhance your essay. When students tell their experts, “help me write my essay,” their services are to edit sentences, correct punctuation marks, and arrange paragraphs in the correct order. You can express your thoughts in the format you like and not worry about mistakes. Your article will not contain typos, grammatical, spelling, or stylistic errors, thanks to their work.

What else can Check-my-grammar.com surprise its customers with? The company’s team includes the best editors and linguists with a background in journalism and writing. Therefore, the authors will carefully check your essay for correct word choice, content quality, and spelling. They will also help to make the structure of the paper readable. If you have any formatting issues, the authors can help you edit the article to fit APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.

The editor leaves his comments and suggestions on how to bring the article to perfection. Only you have the right to decide whether the new changes are suitable for you. Experts will check for uniqueness in the final version of the project and rewrite those paragraphs that affect plagiarism percentage. You will receive a more advanced article, but with the safety of your ideas.

The company guarantees that all services will be provided by certified professionals with advanced degrees in all possible subjects and fields. After cooperating with you, the company destroys any of your documents, thereby providing anonymity. As for the price, it is quite reasonable – $ 12 per page.

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