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3 Best Spy Apps for Tracking Any Phone

Phone spy applications are apps and software that allow you to monitor cell phone activities on iPhones and Androids. There are many reasons why one might want to install one of such apps on someone’s smartphone. A spy application shows you insights like calls, phone GPS location, social media activities from Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Skype, and Kik.

However, as of 2022, there are close to more than sixty different smartphone spying applications for iOS and Android devices! An ideal phone spy app offers more features and allows you to track a wide amount of information and data from target devices. While you might be thinking about what spy applications you require for your next activity, this article allows you to learn which are the best spy applications for your specific mobile devices.

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Moreover, if you are looking for a spy app, know that it can offer amazing features and can be downloaded secretly without the target knowing. So, here is a brief rundown on how to track a phone without rooting the target phone.

Best Spy Apps One Must Know

Below is the list of the three best spy apps. Each mobile spy application is hidden and undetectable once downloaded.


The uMobix smartphone spy application for Android devices offers more features than any other application. It monitors social media accounts such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, Viber, Tinder, Snapchat, LINE, WeChat, Skype, TikTok, Kik, Reddit, Signal, Telegram, and more, and also logs keystrokes. uMobix is also completely undetectable and hidden when downloaded on an Android device.

Speaking of which, the uMobix mobile spy application is compatible with every version of the Android operating device. It also works with the Google Pixel that has some of the robust security elements of any Android smartphone. Furthermore, uMobix functions as one of the parental control apps for parents who require to monitor a child or kid. One needs to know that It can also be utilized as a phone tracking unit for enterprises that need to track their staff or employees.

The uMobix Android spy application is relatively straightforward. Downloading the app also needs a few minutes of physical access to your target device. Moreover, it is not present for download in the Google Play Store. As a result, you must install the app from the manufacturer’s website. And, did you know that it doesn’t need rooting the device?

uMobix provides US-based, LIVE customer support and service for technical issues. It also costs $11.66 per month while buying annual subscriptions.

There’s no other undetectable Android spy application that comes close when it concerns performance. Furthermore, the new price is one of the best deals they’ve ever provided you with, so you will save a lot of money compared with competitive products.


  • More social media monitoring features than ANY other application
  • Reliable – no troubleshooting
  • Robust keylogger feature
  • Stealth mode makes it completely hidden
  • Great for owners or parents
  • LIVE Phone Support and Service
  • 7-day trial version


SPYIC is one of the phone tracker apps designed for smartphones. Having said that, the SPY app does not monitor as many social media accounts of platforms as uMobix and does NOT provide you with live chat or phone support. If you have an issue during installation, consider submitting an email and wait further.

The SPYIC application has many features. It also comprises web browser history, GPS tracker, contact list, social media tracking, phone call logs, and more. SpyIC’s Android smartphone spy application consists of a keylogging feature and enables you to monitor several apps natively.


  • Stealth mode – it’s hidden and undetectable
  • Reliable and Stable
  • Camera remote control
  • Call log along with phone number and name
  • Log outgoing and incoming phone calls, track call data and GPS location


  • Tech support through email only
  • Needs physical access to target Android phones
  • No live call listening or recordings


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Cocospy is another phone spy application that offers similar features to SPYIC. The web control panel of the application comprises an easy-to-use menu, allowing you to see all the phone information easily and effectively. Speaking of which, Cocospy is one of the solid phone monitoring solutions that can offer very similar accounts and elements to SPYIC. It’s also ideal for monitoring employees, kids, or loved ones.


  • The app is undetectable and hidden
  • Simple user interface
  • Powerful keylogging feature
  • log phone calls, GPS location history, call data
  • Easy installation, no root or jailbreak needed.


  • Tech support via email only
  • Fewer social chat apps
  • It doesn’t offer advanced capabilities such as live call listening.


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