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10 Unique Wedding Gifts For Quirky Couples

Finding interesting and unique wedding guests can be a real challenge, and never more so than with a quirky couple. Finding something just right can be a lengthy and costly process, but it is crucial to put careful thought into your wedding gift to ensure the happy couple knows how much they mean to you.

There are many options you could choose for a unique and unusual gift. Something personalized or memorable is important and combining fun and practicality into your gift can be an excellent choice.

Personalized Champagne Flutes

Invest in personalized Champagne flutes for the happy couple. Include a bottle of Champagne for them to enjoy. Choose quality, lasting glasses and a professional glassworker to engrave the flutes. Buy a display case to allow the couple to enjoy the glasses when not in use.

Handwritten Cookbook

Ask those closest to the couple for some favorite recipes. Buy a quality bound notebook or scrapbook and handwrite the recipes inside. Include pictures and messages from the person who made the recipe. Leave some pages blank for the couple to include their favorite dishes.

Spa Day

Planning a wedding is a stressful time, so give the couple the gift of pampering. Choose a quality local spa and pay for a range of treatments, including massages. Give the couple the choice of treatments they prefer.

Matching Monogrammed Bathrobes

Choose bathrobes in a quality fabric that will last. Use a specialist service to monogram the bathrobes or find a local tailor.

Gold Bars

An unusual but practical gift, gold bars present a unique gift that is an investment for the couples’ future. Smaller gold bars can be a fun and interesting centerpiece or ornament in the home. Gold keeps its value well, making it an ideal gift that will build the happy couple a retirement nest egg over time. Find gold for sale from trusted sellers like the US Gold Bureau.

Scratch Map

A scratch map allows the couple to track and display the places they’ve traveled together. Choose a map large enough to show detail and have it framed. Choose a scratch map in the colors from the wedding for extra personalization.

Scrapbook Kit

Buy a readymade kit or make one yourself. Include a scrapbook, glue, paints, glitter and pens. Collect items from the wedding that may suit a scrapbook for the couple to create treasured memories.

Hand-Drawn Wedding Picture

Find a favorite picture of the bride and groom from their special day and commission a hand-drawn copy. Consider a watercolor painting for a classy result or something more playful like a caricature for couples that don’t take themselves very seriously.

Days Out And Experiences

Experiences can make the best gifts, resulting in memories shared as a married couple. Choose an experience the bride and groom will both enjoy. Consider organizing a day out with the couple and some loved ones for quality bonding time after the wedding.

Cooking Classes

Sign the happy couple up for a romantic cooking class for two. Choose a type of class both will enjoy and ensure you check their availability before buying.

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