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10 Best Free Cartoon Maker for Marketing

Marketing using cartoon videos is becoming the norm for those who want to lure customers to their services and products. They are fun to watch, and they become interactive by adding the education aspect.

About 85% of internet users watch video content at least once a month. That is why as a marketer, you need to be aware of which cartoon maker can help you create an intriguing marketing video.

If your search brought you to this blog, then you are lucky. We have the ten best free cartoon makers to help you contribute to the industry. Here are the recommended platforms and software where both the novice and experienced are welcome.

1.      Doratoon – Free Online Cartoon Maker for your Marketing Videos

As we progress into the 21st century, there is more dependency on the internet, bringing some good results. If you want a cartoon maker without downloading any software, then welcome to Doratoon.

It’s an online platform that only requires you to create an account and proceed. If you are wondering how you can use it, Doratoon has solved that by including some useful templates to help you learn.

It suits various workplace environments, and marketing is not left behind. Everything here is pre-defined so, it’s a matter of choosing what suits your video before displaying it to the world.

The cartoon characters are ready, and it’s possible to automate almost anything. You can use voice overs for voice and music input or convert text into quality audio. That’s a feature that shows you more minor limitations towards what you need to achieve.

It’s also possible to convert PPT to video, among other things. Once you create the video, Doratoon helps you share via social media and platforms like YouTube. Therefore, it’s a platform you will not let go of once you create animated video via the workbench.

If you feel like you are getting stuck, you can visit the help center page for guidelines and a tutorial video and see some of the best practices.

A glance at the features on Doratoon will give you the following:

  • AI dubbing where you convert text input to audio
  • Background sound and music
  • Animated characters for your videos
  • Images insertion
  • Subtitles addition
  • PPT to video conversion
  • Sharing on other platforms
  • Downloading the created videos

2.     Visme

Another cartoon maker that you can harness without software download is Visme. It’s free to use, although you can pay $12 per month to get exclusive features. Most of them are available for free, though.

This platform will help create infographics, animated images for social media, ads, presentations, and other visual forms. There are animations for you to create interactive videos and designs.

There is help from numerous templates already on the platform and free videos and photos. Since you can customize everything according to your needs, there is more to do once you utilize Visme.

The features here include:

  • Animated templates to suit various categories
  • A drag and drop editor
  • Scenes customization and audio synching
  • Pre-animated characters, gestures, and illustrations
  • Custom animation
  • CTA buttons and interactive links

3.     Animaker

Animaker is also browser-based, and it’s free for all those who would like to try it out. It has an interactive UI to use, and the best part is that you only need to drag and drop what you need to make the marketing video.

You get full HD for your vertical or horizontal video layouts, and there are pre-made graphics to utilize as you take the fun out of them. Just like in Doratoon, the cartoon maker also has text-to-speech conversion, and you can add background music and voiceovers.

There is a library of sounds to choose from, like in the templates module. It’s free to use, but you can pay for the pro version to see what’s on the advanced side. That’s where you get the transition effects, multimove, app camera, curves, and more.

4.    Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is from the Adobe realm, and it appears to be a better version of the Adobe Flash Professional. Unlike the ones discussed above, this is software that you have to download on your computer.

It gives you the advantage to use it offline, but you cannot use it across devices like what we get in online tools. The best part is creating 2D animations for your ads, videos, games, and more. It’s also possible to animate the characters you need to embed on the video.

Another advantage is that you can use numerous tools that Adobe disposes on it. They include timeline controls, vector brushes with different sizes and smoothness, audio synchronization, virtual camera, and Typekit integration for web fonts.

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5.     Blender

This is also software that you need to download to use it. Blender is a cartoon maker compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. It’s free thanks to being open source, and it is there to give you possibilities such as animation, simulation, modeling, rigging, and more.

It is regularly updated since it’s open-source, so ensure that you are up-to-date as you use it. There are many features to utilize, including modeling, rendering, animation and rigging, grease pencil use, etc. There is a lot to enjoy here at no charge.

6.    Crello

Crello is also a platform full of animated characters and templates to help you create a video. That means you don’t have to start from scratch when there is something to start with already. There is no limit to what you can design here, from videos to ads and banners.

It’s also possible to combine GIFs and videos, which is great for capturing attention on social media. OThereary of over 140 million stock photos and a chance to upload your fonts.

After the marketing video creation, you can share them directly on social media. The only limitation here is that you can only download the videos in MP4 format.

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7.     K-3D

Another cartoon maker on the list is K-3D. It’s compatible with Linux and Windows platforms, and there is more to use than just creating a video. With K-3D, you get polygonal modeling, and artists can use the plugins available with the pipeline architecture for visualization.

There is a learning curve to endure here, but you can get started with online tutorials to see how you can approach different aspects of creating the video. The best part is that you can undo and redo, and you can make adjustments that will reflect immediately.

Once you create the elements, it’s easy to combine them and mirror what they would look like in the end. That gives you more chances to edit where necessary until everything becomes perfect. If you would like an advanced tool for marketing video creation, K-3D is there for you.

8.    PosterMyWall

PosterMyWall is another simple cartoon maker that doesn’t require you to sign up to get started. There are pre-defined templates for you to kick start the race, and that’s where you get ideas for your graphic work, posters, and videos.

The significant advantage to creating the marketing videos here is the high-quality download. You get them in Full HD and 4K. There is a free trial, but you have to subscribe to a plan to download the video. You pay about $30 quarterly.

9.    OpenToonz

OpenToonz is open source which means it’s available for commercial and personal uses. It packs drawing tools, animation effects, motion tracking, motion tweening, and scripting features.

If you want to draw the animations yourself, this is the software. The sad part is that you don’t get pre-defined templates, animations, or audio.

10. PixTeller

Lastly, we have the PixTeller, animation software for personal and business use. You can use it to create a full-featured video, and the tools here are pretty basic. It allows you to set the frame motions, and you can also edit each frame to suit your liking.

Like in most platforms, you get numerous templates to customize, text effects, shapes to add to your videos, and you can get a URL to share the video with the target audience. The URL is also great if you want to share your video with specific people.

If you need the video in your local storage, you can download it in GIF and MP4 formats.


Choosing the right cartoon maker for your marketing videos is challenging, and that is why we give you the top ten recommendations. If you want a tool that will relieve you of the downloading software stress while you still get much out of it, then Doratoon is available to try.

Sign up for an account for free, learn from the templates at your disposal and proceed to create a video for your target audience.


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