Ring camera captures the moment Louisville woman was attacked

Lisette Toy told WFAA that as she was walking to her home on March 24, she felt like someone was behind her.

LOUISVILLE, Texas — One person is in custody after Ring video caught a suspect attacking a woman last month, the Louisville Police Department said.

Lisette Toy told WFAA she was walking home. louisville On March 24th, I had a feeling there was someone behind me. A ring video capturing the moment of being attacked by a man wearing a hoodie.

Toy said the man knocked her over and started beating her.

“When I saw him running towards me, I thought I was going to die. So if I was going to die, people would hear me. My neighbors were outside, My grandma was inside.I didn’t know if he was him.I didn’t know if he had a gun or a knife,” Toy told WFAA.

The attacker took off within seconds. The toy neighbor chased the man to try and find him, but had no luck.

Toy said she saw the same man in the same clothes she saw in the video just a week later. He was walking near her child’s school.

The Louisville Police Department confirmed to WFAA that Toy was attacked at his home and had his wallet stolen.

The suspect, who remained unidentified, was positively identified through CCTV evidence and eyewitness statements. The suspect remains in custody, but on unrelated charges, police said.

No other details about the suspect have been released.

https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/crime/security-camera-captures-moment-lewisville-woman-was-attacked-outside-home-teakwood-lane/287-27556ede-5326-4aa6-b0bc-196663591f40 Ring camera captures the moment Louisville woman was attacked

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