Is Now the Ideal Moment to Book and Utilize Credit Card Points, According to Travel Experts?

According to travel experts, there’s no better time than now to turn those summer getaway dreams into reality by booking your trip. As the summer of 2022 approaches, there’s a noticeable drop in flight prices compared to previous years, making it an opportune moment for travelers to secure great deals. Lindsay Schwimer, representing the travel app Hopper, highlights early May as a particularly favorable window for snagging discounts, with destinations ranging from Dallas to Denver, Nashville, and Las Vegas showcasing enticing offers.

Despite a whopping 87% of Hopper users expressing intent to travel this summer, a significant portion—three-fourths, to be precise—have yet to finalize their plans. This indicates a widespread eagerness to embark on adventures, tempered by the need for decision-making. Presently, the average domestic airfare departing from Dallas stands at approximately $265 for a round trip, marking a notable 13% decrease from the previous year. However, experts caution that prices are poised to climb in the near future.

The advice from seasoned travelers is straightforward: seize the moment and secure your bookings promptly. Better yet, leverage any accumulated credit card points to enhance your travel experience. Mila Temnyalova, a points expert and co-founder of “The Miles Couple,” underscores the importance of maximizing the value of accrued points. While many individuals opt to redeem points through their bank’s travel portal, Temnyalova advocates for a more strategic approach. Transferring points to hotel and airline partners can significantly augment their value, as flights tend to be overpriced on bank portals.

Temnyalova emphasizes the importance of diligence in hunting for deals, as airline prices exhibit dynamic fluctuations. Once a favorable deal is identified, she advises promptly transferring points to partnering sites like Hilton or American Airlines, where points can be valued at 1.5 cents per point or higher. With perseverance, travelers may even stumble upon deals where their points yield values of 5 cents or more.

However, even in cases where cash payments are necessary, experts assure travelers that attractive prices are still within reach. So whether you’re considering a spontaneous adventure or meticulously planning your dream vacation, now is indeed the time to take advantage of favorable prices and make those travel aspirations a reality.

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