Fishmonger loses tooth in fight with siblings over stolen shrimp

a new york city On Tuesday night, a fishmonger was bloodied and bruised after two brothers got into a fight over stolen shrimp at a seafood market in Harlem.

Francisco Morales lost a tooth during the ordeal, but colleague Junior Aquino Hernandez quickly rushed to his defense, grabbed a fish knife, and allegedly stabbed two brothers.

Hernandez, 34, fatally stabbed one brother, Malik Burrell, 25, and another, Robert, inside the Fish Express Fish Market on St. Nicholas Place near Edgecombe Avenue in Sugar. Arrested for injuring ‘Bobby’ Burrell, 29. hill.

Hernandez has been charged with murder, assault and possession of a weapon and was awaiting arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court on Thursday.

Malik died from his wounds, and Bobby was listed as in stable condition, although he suffered injuries including a punctured lung.

Hernandez rushed to his colleague Morales’ defense and when he was beaten, said, “It was an accident.”

Fishmonger loses tooth in fight with siblings over stolen shrimp

Francisco Morales, who works at a seafood stand at Fish Express Fish Market, shows us the injuries sustained when one of his brothers died and another was injured in a Tuesday night brawl.

A close-up photo of Francisco Morales’ crushed lip

The suspect, Junior Aquino Hernandez, 34, is currently charged with murder, assault and possession of a weapon, and said it was an accident. said, “I’m sorry,” and said, “I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”

The gruesome scene of the stabbing at the Fish Express Fish Market in St. Nicholas Place near Edgecombe Avenue in Sugar Hill around 9:45 pm on a Tuesday night.

Hernandez stabbed each brother in the torso, police said.

They were taken to Harlem Hospital, where Malik was pronounced dead and Bobby was listed in stable condition.

His devastated father said Tuesday, the day his son Malik died, was his birthday. ‘my baby! ‘ Burrell sobbed.

His son Bobby had bought shrimp at the fish market, so their grandmother cooked it for the celebratory meal they had planned.

“My sons were good kids. They had no problems and weren’t felons,” Burrell told the New York Post. “I’m a crushed man, I’m hurt. I can’t believe my son got killed because of shrimp. They killed my baby on his birthday.”

He also denied his sons tried to steal from the store, claiming that no one in his family had to shoplift to get food.

The heartbroken father said Malik was a high school football legend and used to work with him in a tire shop.

Photo: Two brothers stabbed – one fatal – at the fishmonger

Junior Aquino Hernandez Appears in Manhattan Criminal Court

Policeman inside fish market after fatal stabbing

Francisco Morales injury

He said he moved from Baltimore to New York just weeks after his son broke up with his girlfriend. I said I was a child.

His other son, Bobby, lives in New York with his wife and two children.

A deadly brawl began when one of the brothers tried to steal seafood, police said.

After the robbery charges, the brothers left the shop but got into a fight with a worker who was later identified as Francisco Morales.

Police said Malik was the pair’s attacker. new york post report.

Pedro Raza, 60, of Harlem witnessed Bobby trying to steal.

He also said he took the shrimp out of his pants and when he tried to return it, the workers started yelling at him, Raza said.

A man he called “Junior” came out with a butcher knife and started stabbing him and wouldn’t stop.

“No one stopped him from stabbing,” Raza said. “He was like a machine.”

The boy’s father said his son did not carry a weapon. “They brought my sons weapons. You can see who’s dead and who’s bleeding in the hospital,” said Robert. “They are trying to cover themselves.”

Zaymar Eusebio, the mother of Bobby Burrell’s daughter, saw Malik’s heinous wounds. “His whole stomach was out,” she said.

She said Malik was still alive and he was about to talk on his phone when she arrived.

Hernandez, 34, was arrested for stabbing his brother Malik Burrell, 25, with a knife and wounding another brother, 29, Robert ‘Bobby’ Burrell. Fishmonger loses tooth in fight with siblings over stolen shrimp

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