Zimbabwe’s Dangalemba Wins German Peace Award | World

Vienna (AP) — Zimbabwean writer and filmmaker Zizi Dangalemba won the prestigious German award on Sunday and called for a “new enlightenment”. Her home country and all over the world.

“What we can expect is to consciously and consistently change our thinking patterns word by word over time and endure until the results are seen in the results of our ways and actions,” she said. Said on Sunday at St. Paul. Frankfurt church.

Dangalemba is the first black woman to receive the German Book Trade Peace Prize, which has been awarded € 25,000 ($ 29,100) and has been awarded since 1950.

In her remarks, Dangalemba talked about Zimbabwe’s colonial past and the white colonialists of the various forms of violence given to black inhabitants in the 19th and 20th centuries. She added that the violence continued when Zimbabwe became independent in 1980.

“These types of violence are structured in the world order in which we live and are rooted in the structure of the Western Roman Empire, which began to form more than half a century ago,” she said.

As a result, Dangalemba said the world needs a new way of thinking. She said that making a real difference would require hard and conscious work on behalf of those who benefited from the Western power structure, rather than a “miracle cure.”

Zimbabwe’s Dangalemba Wins German Peace Award | World

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